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    Does anyone know about the beer selection at CSS? Are there a lot of options or is it pretty simple?

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    Pretty simple. Red Stripe & Red Stripe Light
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Beer is not a large function of the drinking at any Couples. You will find Red Stripe, RS lite, maybe Guinness but not the Irish version, Miller Light, maybe Heinken... not much else. Drink the RUM and other spirits. Pass on the Carib beer unless VERY thirsty!

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    At CSS your beer selections are Red Stripe on tap and Caribe in the mini bars, they do not have Miller Lite.

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    What other dribks are in the mini bar as it will be my first time to css just out of intrest?

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    is there a definitive answer to the OP's question in the thread it appears that the answers are not in synch some say miller light other say no
    we were curious about this as well so any input will help manage our expectations thanks in advance.

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    Default Css bars

    Carib is a better lager. not disrespecting Red Stripe as it has its merits but Carib is better. Enjoy your drink of choice.

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