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    Default CTI-Review the true version

    Where to begin? From the moment we stepped off of the bus we were greeted by the no other than the Captain (Kirk) with a huge smile, a cold cloth, glass of champagne and of course "Welcome home" It was Love at first sight. The view from the lobby was breathtaking I knew right then and there I was in for the vacation of a lifetime. Our room was not ready so Kirk brought us to the patio to get something to eat and showed us around for a few minutes. We walked around the pool area and took in the sights. It was early afternoon and they had a pool volleyball game going on. Everyone was having a good time. We went back to the front desk after a while and our room was ready so Kirk brought us up to our room all I can say is “WOW” the room was beautiful and the View from the patio was out of this world. We had a premier Ocean view Room and boy was it premier. Our room was 3224 and just might be our room forever. It was clean, bright and was more than sufficient for our stay. We did not spend a whole lot of time in our room, who would with all there is to do. The Food was wonderful at the Patio, breakfast was awesome and lunch and dinner there was plenty of choices with many foods I have never seen. I was defiantly in for many food network like moments. I tried many of the local dishes and they were tasty and interesting to say the least. Special kudos’ to (I hope I have the spelling right) Myma-sue who made the most wonderful omelets every morning. She had the biggest smile and a good morning milady and good morning sir. It was a great way to start the day. She was one of many-many staff members who had a contagious smile and never ending glow who always went out of their way to make sure we were having fun and needed for nothing. Moving on, for anyone who has a concern about the beach being eroded. There was plenty of beach to soak in the sun or rest in the shade of the palm trees. We were shocked our first day on the beach to see someone walking around the beach with fruit kabobs. Was this what heaven is like?. The orientation with Brenton was informative and a must do on your first day. We went to see guest services to make our reservations for the restaurants and excursions, Joy-Anna and Nicole were great! They set our week up for us so that we would be able to take advantage of all we wanted to do. As it turned out we did not do everything they offered but what we did was great, the catamaran cruise was a lot of fun and Dunn’s river falls was awesome Warning! Pay attention to the bus driver’s advice on the hawkers at the exit from the falls. They are ruthless and will go to extremes to get you to buy there stuff…just keep walking to the bus. Don’t look back. The shopping trip into town was more a hassle than fun; they don’t leave you alone for one minute.
    Special Shout-outs to Velma from Housekeeping who kept our room sparkling clean the whole time without being noticed.
    Colin and Rastamon from the Scuba crew, you guys are awesome.
    Sean and Kahleel from the main bar. The best drinks with a smile you guy’s rock!!
    Tafiah the Chef at the Veggie bar who was always smiling and had someone chase me down when she had the veggie dip I wanted to try so badly. Defiantly ask for the Pencil juice when you go. Watch her Smile.
    We had a private dinner on the beach, it was amazing, and our waitress Nicolette made it a most memorable experience.
    While many other resorts try their best to minimize the drinking and use of off brand liquor, Couples bartenders made awesome drinks never slowing down for one second and The Bob Marley Shot is not to be missed. I can keep going on forever, but there is not one negative on this resort I could find. Anyone who has complaints about this place obviously cannot be happy with anything I realized by the few people who I saw complaining that no matter what they did for them they would not be happy,
    In closing this was the vacation of a lifetime and I will be back next year same time same place. Couples don’t change a thing!!!

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    Awesome review! And the smiles on you and your honey's faces are the biggest testimony to how great of a time you both had! Talk with you soon, and so glad we had the honor to meet and befriend you both!

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    Welcome to the Family jakeman2368! My sentiments exactly!

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    Love CTI. glad you ha a great time.

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    Great review. I can't wait to go back home. 113 more days. You made me miss it even more.

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    I am very pleased with your review! I am like u and have read many negative reviews about CTI. I had a co-worker that went in March and said the same thing u said. She didn't understand why people were so unhappy because, her & husband had the time of their live. Her only complaint was that they didn't stay enough days (only 5). After talking with her, I knew that my husband & I had made the right decision. I also feel like that after reading your review. I want to say thank you!

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    Great review.

    As a side note, I encourage ANYONE who reads TripAdvisor to take the reviews with a grain of salt. It's often used as a marketing tool by "competition" (is there really any of that?) to badmouth their competing resorts.

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    Great review- I hadn't read one of CTI before. Do you have pictures of the resort by any chance??? I haven't seen any, other than the ones on the couples website, and since we're CTI-bound next year I'd love to see what I'm looking forward to!

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    I am glad you had such a great time at CTI. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that this was your first Couples Experience. Couples resorts are magical places that do not compare to any other resort chain in Jamaica. They are small, intimate and romantic. Service is top notch as is the food.
    However, there are 3 other Couples resorts to consider too! We have been to CSA and loved it. We went to CTI for 2 weeks this past January and thought is was ok. We did the trading places day to CSS and had them move us there immediately. CTI was just not us while CSS was wonderful and so was CSA. We are not hard to please by any means, as I said, we thought we liked CTI until that day we went to CSS. Don't shortchange yourselves by sticking to just one Couples Resort. Give another one a try and you may be pleasantly surprised!


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    thanks for the advice, i WAS CONTEMPLATING splitting time with CSA was wondering how the transfer goes,,,,mmmm now ya got me thinking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeman2368 View Post
    thanks for the advice, i WAS CONTEMPLATING splitting time with CSA was wondering how the transfer goes,,,,mmmm now ya got me thinking...
    Hey bud, if you decide to split time between Ocho and Negril on your next trip, set up the Wally transfer, named after my MB pal Wally, who suggested this method, and it works.

    To reiterate in case you don't already know, the Wally transfer is simply booking your transfer from Ochi to Negril (or vice versa if that's the case) as early as possible, which for us was 6:15am. There are two advantages doing this. #1, you will be assured the transfer will be non-stop - this alone saves considerable time. #2, because traffic isn't as heavy that time of the day, this will save additional time - even more so if the transfer is on a Saturday or Sunday, as you won't even have rush hour issues to contend with.

    We transferred from CTI to CN via this method last week, and the total trip time was 2:27. Not bad, eh?

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Does it cost anything to do the wally transfer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidandtasha View Post
    Does it cost anything to do the wally transfer?

    Nope, it's free. That is unless you personally arrange for a private transfer for whatever reasons. But if you go directly thru Couples itself, then no charge mon!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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