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    Default Catamaran cruise

    Can any one tell me what days the cat. Cruise are on ? Is it mon. Wed. Thur. So we know when to make reservations. Thanks lcm

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    Which resort are you staying at? How to book and what days it goes out are different at the 3 resorts that offer it. (CSS does not offer the Cat cruise)

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    At SweptAway the Cat Cruise has been every day but Sunday, I thought. I believe the activities (in general) for each resort are posted somewhere on the Couples Website.

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    At CSA it was on wednesday,you can also check at the concierges"I know spelled wrong" desk. Have a great time.

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    go on under the tabs of resorts you have chosen to stay at on the left hand column there is a link you can click on that says "activities". It will tell you the days and times that things happen.

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    You can probably book a cruise the day before with no problem. It's a lot of fun.

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