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    Default Couples Sans Souci Earth Day Project

    Couples Sans Souci Earth Day Project- April 22, 2010

    Earth Day celebrations held on Thursday April 22, 2010 were led by our Environmental& Grounds Manager Lesworth Johnson and Environmental Advisor and Operations Manger Kyle Mais. Name:  CSS.jpg
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    The main event was a tree planting exercise held at the Bogue property, Dunn’s River Falls Watershed area.

    Both guests and staff alike were invited to join the green-team for this exercise with trees being provided by the Forestry Department. Staff from Couples Sans Souci’s Housekeeping & Sanitation Department along with in house guests and Travel Agent Nannette- Bussiere Hoyt & her Sister Nina accompanied the team.

    Additionally, the resort gave away two (2) tree seedlings each to 150 interested staff members to be planted on their own private land.

    Couples Sans Souci would like to remind everyone of our commitment towards the protection and enhancement of the environment for our guests, staff and local residence.
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    That's great! We were at CSA at that time and I was wishing there was something going on there for everyone to participate in if they wanted. There are so many rivers and beaches just totally full of trash that we drive by on the way to Negril. It's not very vacationy but I would have loved it if we could have gone to one of those areas and cleaned some of it up or something like that. Maybe next year!

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    Thats fantastic. Just another of many good reasons we love Couples.

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    I think it's a wonderful thing giving back to planet Earth. I wonder if Couples has considered regular work events that the guests could participate with the people of Jamaica. I think it would be fun and rewarding to take a few hours of my vacation to help make a difference.

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    Wish we had known, we were there but didn't know about it until after they got done and would have loved to have gone!!!! Congrats on a job well done though.

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