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    Default Dunn's River Falls Question

    What kind of clothing/shoes should we wear to Dunn's River Falls?

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    Good water shoes to protect your feet and a bathing suit should be just enough. Also a dry shirt should be left on the bus to change to

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    Bathing suit & water shoes...bus will stop at a road side stand to purchase water shoes but you should be able to find a cheap pair in the states(Walmart,K-Mart,etc...). Dunns is a great take, just head straight to the bus after as the vendors are a "tad" pushy.

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    Water shoes and a swimsuit. We always get water shoes from Walmart and bring with us. My husband always wears his swim trunks and a shirt and I wear my swimsuit with a tank and shorts. Once we get to Dunns River we get a locker and throw our shirts and shorts in it. I would bring a waterproof camera, and leave your sunglasses in the locker. Just be prepared to get wet!

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    Bring your water shoes with you or rent them for 10 each including the tip. Cheaper to bring them with you. Do not stop at the the vendor on the exit, they are pushy. Bring money for tipping the guys that bring you up, $5, the bus driver, $5, and for pictures if you want them, 20 or 30. Bring a water proof camera with you, they will take pictures of you.

    Men: Any suit will work except a "Speedo" type
    Women: Good fitting one piece or a conservative two piece. You will be climbing, moving around and you do not want any clothing malfunctions or pop outs. Save the sexy two pieces for the beach.

    Great trip and enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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    Default Warning about pics with your camera

    Hi - we went on this trip in mid-April and were told by the tour guide that if we handed our water cameras to the falls' guides, they would take our picutres with our camera as long as we tipped them. We did that about 6 or 7 times during the climb and handed it to 2 different guides. At the last picture site, I happened to hand my camera to the couple behind us instead to take our picture because the guide was too busy.

    When I got home and got the pictures developed, the only picture that was actually taken was the one taken by our fellow tourists. The guides had pretended to take our pictures, but never really did. It was a standard water camera and I am sure they knew how to use it.

    Just a warning to others so that you don't go home without any DRF pictures (even after tipping the guides)!

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    We had the guides take multiple pictures while we climbed the falls when we were there Dec 2008, I attached one to show you, hopefully I did it right. When we were there they didn't say anything about paying them extra (we did tip them at the end) and they took pictures for every group that asked them to. We did have a digital waterproof camera which may have helped, but the year before when we had a disposable the pictures turned out okay as well.

    About the clothing: make sure what you are wearing will stay put. Both times climbing the falls the videographer has warned us that if suits come off, he WILL zoom in and tape you.
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