4.5 days left to do at work before we head down to Gatwick to stay overnight for our Saturday afternoon flight to Mo Bay......................... Y E A Y !!!!!!!!

We booked this holiday, 1 wk at CSA then 1wk at CN (to celebrate our 5th Anniversary of our CN wedding) 51 weeks ago & I have been on countdown ever since.

What I'd like to know is does everyone else enjoy the countdown excitement as much as I do? My husband just laughs when approx 2months before we travel I start planning my clothes, buying the toiletries & of course checking the message board & recent photo additions - the the message board addiction has been ongoing for the last 5yrs - I may need re-hab to get me off it LOL!!!

The next 5 days will go quickly I'm sure & this time next week we'll be lszing on the beach at CSA - God willing ;o)

The enjoyment of booking, counting the days & then spending the time at Couples is, to me, PRICELESS. I feel so blessed that I am able to experience the whole process.