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    My husband and I will be 50 this year and there were couple of ALL ages (and shapes and sizes) there when we went 2 weeks ago.

    We had a FABULOUS time!!

    You are NEVER too old for COUPLES!!

    KruznSusan and Stan

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    Default your trip...people of all ages vacation at Couples.

    I am 51 and will be back for my 2nd visit to CTI in 14 days(I love saying that)...and will be making many more trips to Couples resorts in the future.

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    Couples has couples of every age from early 20's -70+. My husband and I went for the first time in December of 2008. He had just turned 53, and I am a couple of months younger than him. We had a great time. So great we returned last year, and are again returning this year. Actually, we frequent SSB and I would guess the majority of those who do are over the age of 40. Age is only relavant if you make it. Go and enjoy. NO PROBLEM MON.

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    Default You'll see ALL ages

    We're even older...and we feel right at home at SweptAway. You will see all ages and the activities are for all ages. You'll have as much or as little to do as you choose. I promise you will not feel out of place at all!

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    We are in our early 60's and have been going to CSA for the past six years - with reservations to return this coming October. You will see every age at CSA. But, saying that I must tell you that I don't feel old when there - I just feel special.

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    Trust me age is simply a number in Jamaica.

    You will find the ages vary widely from resort to resort but I would guess that the average age would be in the 40's.

    Being members of the Nifty Fifty club we have never experienced a problem.

    Pick a resort and you will have the time of your lives there.

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    I say CSA would be great for you. My husband and i got married there this year on 04/20 and we are 29 / 39. There was a nice age range there, mostly older adults. There werent many 18 yr old or wild bunches, yet all there were partiers! You would love it!

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    Yes, go. You will fit in perfectly. There are all ages and from 20's to
    80's. EVERYONE is having SO much fun, age doesn't matter.

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    My wife (53) and I (turned 56 our first day there)just returned home after a week at CN. We would DEFINITELY recommend going to a Couples Resort. There was a wide range of ages.....looked to us like anywhere from early 20's to 60's and 70's. Many of the couples we made friends with were younger than us but we enjoyed our time with everybody. Trust us...once you go, you will want to get right back on the plane and go back.

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    Wow if everyone considered being around 50 was too old then the Couples resorts would probably go bankrupt. We didn't start going to Couples until we were around 50 and now almost eight years later we can't wait for our next trip home. There is no age bracket that would enjoy Couples best. Everyone finds the resort that they feel suits their needs. Believe me there's something at each resort for everyone. For instance we enjoyed our trip to CTI enough that we wanted more. Our second trip was to CSA and there we found our home. There were people at CSA from their early 20s up into their 70s. We were 55 & 56 at the time and loved it there. Believe me you two will have the time of your lives. Read the posts here for advice or if you want you can e-mail me.

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    Well if that's the case, then I guess I shouldn't be making trip number 4 this summer. The age range is v e r y b r o a d. In other words, don't let your age stop you from enjoying a romantic vacation with your loved one.

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    Monica and I recommend that couples of any age go to a Couples resort. We are also in our 50's and love CSA. During our last 3 visits to CSA in December, we met people in their early 20's all the way to 80+. Everyone had a great time. Browse the message boards of all the resorts and one will start to sound just right for your level and type of activity. Regardless of which one you choose, We know that you will love Couples as much as we do.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    We are 54 and 59 and didn't feel at all out of place at CSA. There was a couple in their 80s there that week! Its no problem at any age, there is a good mixture of ages.

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    When we went to CN in November, we met couples that were in their 30's,
    40's, 50's, 60's and 70's and 20 year repeaters!! My hubby and I are in our 30's. Romance knows no age. You will not feel out of place at all and will be surprised how many 50+ folks are there It is great for EVERYONE!Everyone we encountered was so nice and friendly. Meeting people of all ages who are in love and celebrating each other was a lot of fun.

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    No problem!! We just celebrated our 30th anniversary at CN and plan to return in November 2011. I found that age does not matter- we made friends with people of all ages. I never once felt "old" there. Go and have fun! I can't wait to return.

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    Go and don't give it a second thought. There are all ages at the Couples Resorts. I'm sure it will be one of, if not the best vacation you ever had. You will fit in perfect. Im 54, my wife is 53. We'll be going back to CTI in November 2010.

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    We have met all ages - I am 44 and my DH is 49. We have met folks in their 60's and in their 30's....there truly is no one age group.

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    There are all ages.
    we went for the first time April 30-may 6th and got Married there on the 3rd, a week ago.

    I am 54, and my Husband is 48, we LOVED it, and plan on returning next year.

    Don't sweat the small stuff, and you are going to be together, you don't have to mingle if you don't want, but everyone is friendly..especially the staff.
    We went to CTI and absolutely LOVED it, it was our first time to Jamaica, and I would recommend it to anyone, have fun!!!!

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    Default 50's no problem mon

    Book it without hesitation, my wife and I are 51 and I had the same thoughts when we went last year.

    We seemed to get on all right. I have to say the young newlyweds we met were some of the nicest most respectful kids we have ever met. Yes they were young, but they all smiled and never made us feel out of place,and struck up lots of conversation.
    Best thing about a newlywed resort is they all seem to disappear right after lunch leaving the beach toys for all of us older kids that dont grow up....they also seemed to eat later which was fine as I go for the earlybird specials, maybe Iam old
    have will love it...


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    Default Age!

    Quote Originally Posted by rhmoore12 View Post
    My wife and I are in our early 50"s..We have some hesitation about going to Couples because the crowd might be a little young for us. Would you recommend a couple in their early 50"s going to a Couples Resort? We are pretty active but just wondering what the age range is?
    Hi we went to CSS last Nov for Thanksgiving. My in-laws joined us they are 64 and 67. They had an amazing time was nice to see my father in-law had a bit of romance left in him. My husband is 45 and I 38 I think the average age was from 20 to 85. your right in the middle. That makes you the PERFECT age! All four of us are going to CSA this NOV for Thanksgiving, maybe we will see you there.

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    your age is fine. you will find all ages at Couples Resorts. we are in our 50's and have had seven great trips to Couples Swept Away.


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    Are you kidding? My wife and I are in our mid-50s and never went to Couples until about 8 years ago. We were last at CSA in March and there were people there who were 20 (30?) years older than us. Yes, there are people in their 20s too, but you will not feel out of place (and neither will they). Here's the thing about couples.... you don't really go there to look at other people. You go there to enjoy the person you came with. No one else matters. It's just about impossible to really understand this until you've been there, but this resort has NO single's scene. You may find yourself sitting at the bar talking to another couple. They may be younger or older, but it just doesn't matter. You'll be fine. Go and have fun! I expect to got to Couples for at least 20 more years.

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    Are you kidding! I saw a lady there just a few weeks ago who I could swear was June Cleaver and she was on oxygen. You are never too old! We are in our 20s and we feel young there. Not as much this time as we did 4 years ago but we are still at the bottom of the range. There are seriously all ages there. I imagine you will be right in the middle.

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    Your not too old at all. I just turned 30 the other day and when I was there I was sitting in the hot tub with people older then you. It was like their 11th time or something to a Couples Resort. It was pouring rain and we were talking about scuba diving. There will be people in their 60's and 70's probably there as well. You will not regret it. My parents are going down next summer with us when we go down to get married.

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    We are 53 and 50 and went to CTI for our honeymoon last November. We were no where near the oldest couple there. Go and enjoy and have a blast. There are plenty of activities for everyone, and I'll guarantee you won't feel "old" there!
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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