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    Default Thanks - Split 10 days between CN & CSA

    Hello all,

    I am new with this board and I just want to say "Thanks" to all that sharing advises and past experiences vacations at Couples. After reading this messsage board many nights, I am planning to book 10 nights in April 2011, thinking to split between CN and CSA or CSS. Please kindly advise pro and con.

    A bit about us, we are in mid 40, my boyfriend love scuba diving and beach, I like relax and reading (boring! I know )

    All advise are welcome and appreciated.

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    If you do a split, you will have to stay at least 7 nights at one resort if you want to get the $500 credit. Each resort operates as its own entity so 5 nights at one resort and 5 nights at another resort does not count as 10 nights. If you spend 7 nights at one resort and get the $500 credit it is only applicable at the resort where you spend the 7 nights.

    Other than that..........


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