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    Default Please Help!!!

    My husband and I are going to be staying at Couples Sans Souci in June and I notice the grounds have a lot of flowers. I am deathly allergic to bees and was wondering if there are bees around? Also is this resort smoke free? Thanks!

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    There are some bees at CSS but no reason to worry. At some of the other resorts there is a bee problem at the self service drink machines, but not at CSS.
    No CSS or any of the other Couples resorts are smoke free. There are smoking areas in the restaurants

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    Yes, there are bees on Jamaica. They are no more aggressive than your bees at home, although we did see a swarm once (again, not aggressive). Bring your kit, just in case.

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    We are returning for our second trip to CSS in 13 days! Last time we were there, we didn't see any problem with bees. No matter where you go, there will always be the off chance of a lone bee flying around. It's my opinion that you won't experience any more of a problem at CSS than at home.

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    My husband is also alergic to some bees. We never had a problem. There are bees around, but just be careful, and you won't have a problem. Sometimes you see them hanging around the bottle tops (sweets you know), but I don't recall anyone getting stung. Just leave them alone, and you should be OK.

    All the resturants are smoke free inside. Smoking is allowed on the grounds outside and in your own room. My husband has COPD, and I hate smoking, but everyone we encountered was polite about it. Don't worry about it either way, if you are a non-smoker or a smoker (just be considerate of those that aren't) NO PROBLEM MON.

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    The only bees I noticed were at the bar due to all of the syrups for mixing and no the resort is not smoke free only at the indoor restaurants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    . . . . There are smoking areas in the restaurants
    Are you sure that smoking is still allowed in the restaurants at CSS? I know that it was when we were there in 2009, but when we visited CN just this past March, all of the restaurants had recently banned smoking, even the open-air restaurants. Just wondering if the restaurants at the other resorts have done so as well.
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    Not really a whole lot of bees around, except in some areas. I also think it has a lot to do with the time of the year as well. I'm allergice to everything in the air also. When in Jamaica, I take my zyrtec twice a day. If you have an Epi-Pen, i would bring it with you...

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    The only place we ever saw bees was at the ice cream machine in CSA. They were so bad that it was very difficult to even get ice cream. I made my husband do it cause I was terrified they would attack I hope when we go back this year they have taken care of that. Not sure if that is something they can really fix though.

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    Default Thank You!

    Thank you everyone for your replies. We are so excited to go to CSS in June for our 5 year anniversary! My husband keeps telling me not to be a worry wart over all these little things, but I can't help it. I just want this vacation to be great!

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