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    We have been reading about when you check in that CSA requires a $300 deposit..when we went in 2007 we were not asked to do this something new??

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    I hate to question a person on this kind of thing, but I'm quite sure you were asked for a credit card imprint when you checked in for your stay in 2007. Its not new... its common practice in the hotel industry, not just at Couples, but here in the US and internationally. It happens so ubiquitously that you probably weren't even aware that it was done. Its not something that is actually "requested"... its just done. If you don't provide a credit card, then you will be asked for the $300 cash deposit.

    I hope that makes sense...

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    they usually ask for a credit card imprint so they can charge incidentals.

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    Idon't know if it's something new. We went to CSA a month ago and had to put a 300$ deposit on our credit card. They do not accept money in the gift shops, you just charge it to your room. We spent 21.12$ (big spenders I know...LOL) and that it the charge I had on my credit card bill.

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    Don't know when they started it but ,all they do is take a swipe of your major credit card and if you buy anything at the gift shops it just charges to that. Now when you check out you have the option of paying off any purchases or they can put it on your card.

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    Yes, it's new. I do know that when u check-in u will leave $300 deposit at the front desk. It's for incidential items and the resorts r now cashless. You charge all resort related things like the spa, private dinners and gift shop items to your room. At the end of your stay they will deduct balance from deposit. Depending on your spending u will get money back on your cc/dc or u will owe more money.

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    No dont think so, they scan and or run a temporary hold on a CC until departure to cover incidentals on your stay.

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    Not sure about the amount but they did take an imprint of my credit card which is typical.

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    Thanks Everyone!!

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    While staying at CSA in 2004 & 2005, we were asked for a CC, which they imprinted for $250.00, this is used for anything that you would like to purchases during your stay, all purchases are then charged to your room. This way all you need to do when checking out is to just review your purchases for the correct amount. Couples will then bill your CC company.


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    It is not new . We've stayed there for quite a few years and they've always done it. So does practicallyany hotel we've ever stayed's a common practice

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    Just as a note -- this is a reminder that if you use a debit card (even though it may have the VISA or MC logo) that this $300 will be removed from your "available funds" balance on the bank account. No, Couples doesn't have your money. But, as long as the hold is in place, neither do you as far as your bank is concerned. This can lead to overdrafts if you don't plan for it, and OD fees aren't fun on vacation.

    Similarly, thanks to the provisions of the CARD act here in the US, if you don't have sufficient availability on a credit card for the $300, the hold might be declined by the bank card processor (whereas they might have permitted it before).

    And, BTW, if you have charges during your stay in excess of the $300 hold (gift shop, spa services, etc.), they'll get an additional hold.

    And, to echo what others have said, this is nothing new in the industry. Hotels and resorts have put credit hold on for ages.
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