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    I've been on quite a few cruises that have offered daily dance lessons to couples. All the basic dance steps - foxtrot, two step, tango, samba, etc... It was great fun and a terrific way to meet even more people with the same interest. Do any of the resorts offer this?

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    SweptAway offers some dancehall steps during their Beach Party. Mind you, "dancehall" on Jamaica means something completely different than what you or I think... definitely not your mother's foxtrot!

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    Too bad - dance lessons would be fun! Who would I suggest this to?

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    They did some sort of dance classes at CN in September when we were there.

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    CTI does some reggae lessons. Unfortunately Jamaica is not known for it's ballroom dance. You will get to know people there and have agood time, just don't expect the cruise experience.

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    I have never been on a cruise but from what I've been told by friends who have I agree with the comment about not expecting "the cruise experience". I think when you get to the resort and start to absorb the island ambiance you'll see that those types of dances just don't fit the mood or atmosphere. Enjoy it for what it is.

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    At CN last winter a guest and one of the staff, gave some salsa dancing instruction. I being a poor student didnt quite get it , but my beloved wife Phyllis picked up a few steps. We wish all types of dance classes was a regular feature at the resorts. I kind of fall into student trys subject difficult when it comes to dancing, and I need a lot of help...

    Case in point on two other trips to CN, we took Reggae Dance lessons. Same story for this style of dancing, my wife (the talented half ) got it. I kind of look like Herman Munster swatting at flies......

    Hey its a great vacation, and a great time, I'm with my best friend, my love of my life, whatever activity we do is fine with me......

    We will be going to CSS Jun 25-Jul5 (it will be our 36th anniversary on the 29th), and if they have dance classes at that time, I'll be giving it the old college try....I figure if I keep taking the classes, I'll eventually loose one of those two left feet...

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    They will teach you the "Dollar Dance"!

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