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    Default The first time is always the best...

    Describe your first A/N experience and why you chose you make it a lifestyle....

    For mine, it was at Grand Lido Negril....Took a girlfriend, at the time, she was apprehensive at best, but gave it a shot. When it was all said and done, I decided that I would never willingly pay for a tropical vacation that did not offer A/N facilities. One of the most freeing things in life, is having nothing to hide... I have made many friends at these places, because of that fact. People are much more apt to interact on nude sides as opposed to prude sides. And we will continue to do so, no matter how old, fat and gross we get. We have never had an issue, the respect level is much higher than other "clothed" beaches.

    Anyway, all great experiences, and looked forward to another as we travel to Couples for the first time.

    CTI in 26 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brandon and Michelle

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    Ours was at CTI last July celebrating our 10 year Anniv. On the second day there my wife and I decided to give it a try for 30 minutes at least. While we waited for the boat to take us out to the island I about chickened out,lol. When we got to the island it was FULL. We thought we would go to the pool and just dive right in so to speak but had to go all the way out to the right to find a couple chairs. Once undressed and ready for a drink I headed to the bar and met the greatest bunch of people. After my wife got used to the experience we went to the pool and had the best time ever. Thank goodness we went the second day, we spent every day but one on the island and that was because we did a day trade to CSS to check out their AN beach. The best part was that some very close friends came with us on the trip and they tried it also and loved it just as much. Everyone is right on here you meet the greatest people on the AN beach.

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    same here GLN spent the first part of our trip on the textile beach headed ove to the co and never looked back. The people just make the difference.. We noticed in reflection to other non AN beache experiences the people the topics of conversation and the overall attitude are much more "one upmanship". In the numurous time we have been to a co an facility that vibe is rarely caught ... maybe just our luck...

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    Our's was last year at CSS. My husband has been wanting to try it for a long time. I am the one who had the hang up. After reading this board for months before our trip, I told my hubby that I would try it, but if I didn't like it, we would leave. He agreed. The experience was great. The people were great. We stayed apart from others for about 30 minutes, and then went to the bar, and started socializing. Everyone treated you with great respect. The one thing I noticed, is people would look you in the eye when talking to you, so it seemed like they were listening rather than checking other things out. The freedom from the restriction of clothing is great. No swim suit up my butt, etc. Needless to say, I was probably as ready to go back the next day as he was. Everyone is right. The respect level on the AN beach is high. Maybe it is because physically we are all on the same level, you have nothing to hide.

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