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    Default Resort Photographer, to use, or not to use??

    Love seeing all the wedding pictures of past weddings!! I can't wait till ours!! I do have one concern...the PRICE of pictures. (people have made suggestions on their photographer) I've contacted some outside photographers and they start at $1000.00 US dollars!!! a $500.00 couples fee for allowing them in for the DAY!!! WOW!!! The whole reason we are having a beach side wedding is to save some please if you have used the resort photographer, please post some pics and share your expirence!!! Thanks for your help!!!

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    My friend used the resort photographer at Cn and her pictures looked fine. You'll get people that tell you to and others that tell you not to. I'll be back next year for my wedding and we are using the resort photographer. This is a pretty common topic on here. It's really up to how much money you want to spend.

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    where are you staying? We had a bunch taken by Rohan at CTI, but our off site photographer took so many we didnt get the ones from the resort..however Rohan's photo's of us were beautiful...we still may purchase them, but they were beautiful.

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    You can click on my username to go to my profile and you can view the wedding pics I have attached. They were taken by the resort photographer...If you want to see all of my pics, shoot me an e-mail at

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    thank you all for your advice, and thanks dandpdub!!! GREAT pics!!!

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    Default My pics

    We were married on 2/27/09. We used on site photograher and our pictures were amazing. He spent 2 hours with us and took over 150 pics. We chose our favorite 24 for our album.

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    We had the resort photographer at CSA, and Ralston was great! HE spent a lot of time with us and took a lot of pictures. Due to weather delays, the sun had set and he came back the next morning and took pics. WHAT A GUY!!!!!! I had some ideas of photo poses I wanted to do, and he was more than willing to let us do our thing as well as suggest poses. We also had a friend that took fabulous pics of us as well in the hotel lobby and then we did trash the dress and the husband's clothes as well. Which I have to add, I didn't "trash" it, it's just a saying. My husband and I rolled on the beach in the sand and went chest high in the ocean, and it didn't ruin my dress or his linen pants and shirt. I took woolite, BUT rinsed off on the beach - get all the sand out before going to your room, then went to our room left the dress on, got in the shower and soaped up with woolite. Took off my dress rinsed it thoroughly and hung it on the veranda to dry. That was 11-7-09, and I just wore it again for a state side reception 5-15-10 and it fit fine, no stains, or discolorations.

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