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Thread: November 2011

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    Default November 2011

    Ok, I've waited long enough (since October 2009) to start this thread and I just can't wait a moment longer. Who is crazy enough to have already made November 2011 reservations at CSS?

    We are so looking forward to this trip. It will be two years since we have been at CSS when we finally get to take the trip. Who is joining us?

    We will be there November 3-10 and then transfer over to CN for a week.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default 2011

    We booked our trip for Oct. 2011. We can't wait. We went to CSA for our honeymoon in 2008.


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    I'm only 17 months away from CSS. Whoo Hoo! Better than the 25 months last year.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default The wait has begun (again!!)


    My wife and I just got back in November and couldn't wait. We made new reservations for CSS in the first part of this November 2011. Let's get this waiting party started!

    We need to rename this thread the "Official November 2011" thread - There are a couple of other mis-named ones out there. (a little help from the sys admins, please??)


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    My fiance, Anne and I (Brett) have just booked our "Weddingmoon" from Oct 29th to Nov 7th, 2011. The big day is Nov 1st!! We chose CSS. It is our first time in Jamaica.

    We can't wait!!!

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    your getting married on my b/day hope to c u there rach n shaun

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    Hi Marc ~ Our plans have changed for the moment. We are getting a business started and don't know exactly what our schedule will be like in November. If we are able to staff where we can take a couple weeks off, then we will be headed to CSS and CN. So I'll keep you up to date and we will keep our fingers crossed!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    we make our first vist this november we arrive on the 30th oct for 2 weeks and cant wait

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    We arrive in CSS November 18th for our honeymoon. (Getting married on November 5th). This is our first trip to Couples and Jamaica. We just booked and are super excited to start our life together with our first vacation at Couples!


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    Hey all!!
    We will be making our first trip to CSS, second to Jamaica, in November. We had to change the dates because, for some reason, a few really great friends have decided to get married in October of this year and next (they are nuts, we live in Nebraska, they could have tornado's or snow...or both!!)

    So...we are looking at flying in Nov 6th and out Nov 12!!! We're really really excited!!! Looks like we might over lap some of ya'll!! Really looking forward to sun, fun and great times!!!

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    WE DID IT!!!!!!! We booked for November 2011!! This will be our 3rd time to San Souci and 6th to Jamaica and it just keeps getting better and better! Looking forward to seeing all of our friends on Sunset Beach! Wahooooooooooooooooo!

    Only 251 days
    9 hours
    1 minute
    17 seconds and counting


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    We may be joining you all in the first week or so of November for our 10 year anniversary. spent our honeymoon at CN and loved it.

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    It is only April but Cindy and I booked CSS to arrive the end of November for another wonderful time on SSB. Looking forward to seeing all our CSS friends.


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    Default November 2011 CTI

    The Mr. & I are looking forward to our first trip to Couples on November 12th for 6 days Happy Honeymoon to us!

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    Hey, Congratulations Lady Midnight! Your post says "November 2011 CTI". Are you going to be spending time at CTI or Sans Souci? Everyone on this particular thread is CSS bound... But, hey, maybe we'll do a trading places and spend time at both. Regardless, we're going to have a great time!

    Also - MurciMe, We'll see you there. Sounds like a party!

    Marc & Belinda

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    is it november yet cant wait to get there

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    Agreed...just booked for end of November...can't wait!

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    My fiance and I just booked our honeymoon for November 1st through the 6th this morning! I'm so excited! Anyone with any advice would be very appreciated!

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    Just want to get the Nov 2011 back on top again....Whooo Hooo only 149 days till we leave, cant wait. Really needing some sunshine and warm weather.
    B ;-)

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    We will be there Nov 4-12, 2011. First time to Sans Souci been to CN twice. Can't wait to try this resort

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    Booked today for Nov. 28 - Dec 8. This is our third time to Couples, first time to CSS after two trips to CN

    SSB here we come.

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    Just booked our 4th trip (May 10, Nov. 10 & May 11) to CSS - Sun. 11/13 through Wed. 11/23!!!!

    Looking forward to chilling on SSB, drinking Mango Tangos & Bulldogs, eating Ackee & Saltfish...anything Jerk & those addictive "Crack Fries", and catching-up with the great CSS Staff!!!!!

    Is it November yet?

    Billy & Cynthia

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    Default Almost double digits!!

    Well we are almost to the double digits for our count down....whoo hoo. Only 113 more days.
    Looks like another November 2011 thread was started not sure how many are out there now at least 2 more maybe 3. Juli have you guys been able to figure out if you are gonna be able to make it this Nov??

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    Quote Originally Posted by PacificNWCpl View Post
    Well we are almost to the double digits for our count down....whoo hoo. Only 113 more days.
    Looks like another November 2011 thread was started not sure how many are out there now at least 2 more maybe 3. Juli have you guys been able to figure out if you are gonna be able to make it this Nov??
    Hi Marc & Belinda, I think we met last October at SSB didn't we? We were the brit couple, John & Jenny. I guess we will miss you this time as we have just booked for 26th Nov thro' 10th December. Two whole weeks on SSB, how good does it get?!!! As you quite rightly say, WOOO HOOOO!!! Have a blast in early November and be so kind as to arrange for all clouds to be removed from the 26th November onwards. Thank you most kindly. Last year, if you remember, there seemed to be an abundance of clouds. Not 'spoil the holiday' kinda clouds but we could do with many less this year!!

    All the best to you both and sorry we shall miss you this year.....tally ho!!

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    Booked today...first time for CSS. Were torn between CSS and CN....first time! Heard both were great...tough decision! Booked for Nov 27-Dec 4

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