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    Default $500 resort credit

    hey all...
    my finace and i booked a 2nd trip to csa for may of 2011...when we got engaged the only place in the world we could even think of getting married at was csa, because we loved it so much the first time year from today at 11 am we will be saying "i do"...with almost 30 of our friends and family booked already, and more to come....the question i have is that when we booked, everyone staying 7 nights or more recieved the $500 resort credit...everyone, including us, is wondering what are the choices as far as spending the credit....our travel agent said of course we could us it in the spa and the gift shop...she said we could NOT use it on any wedding upgrades or to purchase our phots, which is fine....but she was unsure if it could be used on having lunch at margaritaville and then charge it back to our room, or if we took an excursion through the hotel if it could be charged to our i said i know we / our guests can use the credit at the gift shop and the spa or on a romance package....but it has to be more than that....any input would be graetly appreciated...
    thank you
    ann & kurt

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    If you book an excursion through the TourDesk, it can be charged to your room. Lunch at Margueritaville, Ricks, or any such... nope.

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    Any thing that can be charged to your room through the Resort is included for 2011.

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