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    My husband and I had a wonderful time on out honeymoon at CN. We are planing a return trip to Couples (awesome food, staff, everything we could ask for!!), but we are not sure which resort to try next. Any thoughts? Please help we are so undecided.


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    Well what kind of things are you looking for in the resort? What do you like to do while you are there?

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    I suggest CSA, my husband and I love it there. We got married on the beach in November 2009 and we are returning to CSA in 58 more days. We looked at all of the couples when deciding on our returning trip, but we loved it there so much we decided that we didnt need to go anywhere else.

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    What are you looking for? If you can answer that question we can help you with what the options are. Otherwise it is a difficult question to answer.
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    They are all great. Our favorite is CSA. But everyone is different.

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    As you stayed in Negril before, why not try Ocho Rios and go to CTI. It will be a totally different experience. No the beach is not HUGE, but it is private and quiet. OR is more lush and mountainous. It you go to CTI, you can still have the cat cruise, but you can also do a trail ride by horse. The public areas have all been completely renovated just a year ago. If you thinking about possibly going a/n, CT has the island.

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    Why not just split your time between the other two that you haven't visited yet!

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