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    I'm planning my honeymoon this coming November 1-7. I have been to Jamaica twice on cruises, but never for more than a few hours at a time. I have heard great things about all the Couples Resorts, but we have decided on Couples Sans Souci. Any advice on what to do for an entire week? We are so excited to go! My fiance has never even flown before and obviously isn't a big traveler like me, so this trip will be his first trip to the Caribbean and really his first trip anywhere! Any pointers? Which restaurants to eat? What excursions to do? What sites to see? What to do in the town of Ocho Rios? Thanks so much!


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    Hi Summer & congrats! I wouldn't try to overthink it, the week is going to FLY by. Personally I would just get an idea of a couple of excursions you may want to take (just a suggestion-I'd stick with the 1/2 dayers as opposed to the all dayers because the resort is going to be great) and look into booking them when you arrive. As far as what to do and where to eat at the resort-you'll have time to do it all. I'd just keep reading the messago board to pick up hints of what's available and what appeals to you. I can assure you this-you Wont't be bored and you will have a great time.


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    take advantage of the Dunns River trip. I've seen waterfalls I like better, but most places don't let you climb. You have to do that at least once. The trip to Bob Marley's birthplace is a fun time. The rest has to do with what you like to do. The staff organizes various activities/games throughout the day, there will be a schedule there to review. Just do what you're interested can't help but have a great time! Try each of the restaurants at least once, but it really doesn't matter. The food is great at each of them!

    Have a great time and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

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    Default Too much to do!

    We were just at CSS Apr 10-17.....I had a whole slew of activities planned based on the daily activity list. This is the first vacation that we NEVER left the resort and pretty much did nothing. I made a hat. We went on the glass bottom boat, my husband snorkeled. Other than that, we lounged on the beach, floated in the ocean (take water shoes), swam in the mineral pool. We never even saw the main pool. I loved the mineral pool. We also figured that we only spent a total of 8 hours per day inside, but only to sleep and dress. We enjoyed the room balcony immensely, had drinks there every evening, coffee every morning. It rained one morning pretty hard for an hour and I spent that time on a lounger under an umbrella at the mineral pool, alone. That was probably one of the best hours I have ever had. Peaceful, restful, enjoyable. Please don't over plan, but do enjoy some activities. Dunns River is nice, went a few years back. Shopping trip is nothing special.

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    First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Second, what you need to plan to do while at CSS is relax. We were married at CSS 2 years ago and enjoyed a wonderful week at that resort. Other than laying on the beach, textile or A/N, soaking up the sun, there are many things you can do at the resort including sailing, kayaking, walking around the resort and enjoying the tropical paradise and beautiful sunsets. Dunn's River Falls is a must do, included excursion - climbing up a 900+ foot waterfall with a group. There are other excursions you can do that cost such as zip-lining, swimming with the dolphins and horseback riding. There is an inluded shopping trip to Ocho Rios and also a visit to Margaritaville. On Tuesday night they have a wonderful beach party and Friday is the Starlight Gala. Both are things not to miss. CSS is the only Couples resort that offers room service not just breakfast in you room. Take advantage of not only having breakfast brought to your room but enjoying lunch or dinner on your balcony or in your room. I could go on and on but will restrain myself.

    Enjoy your honeymoon,

    Bart & Bug

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    Summer - Congratulations! You have picked a wonderful place for your Honeymoon! We have a list of things we can suggest, and a couple of sets of pictures of our trips to CSS, if you'd like to e-mail us at, we'll send them all along to you!

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    Thanks everyone for all the tips! I'm so excited about the wedding and of course the honeymoon! I've climbed Dunns River Falls before, but it's been like 10 years ago, and like I said my fiance has never been outside the US, so we are both so pumped!

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    You're welcome. Hopefully you both will enjoy climbing Dunn's River Falls. We've done it twice now and loved it each time! If you really want to do something memorable...go on a horseback riding excursion. We can recommend the Hooves plantation ride to the beach. If you've never ridden a horse in the ocean before, it is such a blast!! That's just something you can't do at home...unless you live near the ocean. You guys have really chosen the most special place we can think of to begin your marriage and enjoy your honeymoon!!!

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