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    Default How quiet is CTI or CSS

    I am just wondering if anyone can tell me from their own experience how quiet it is at night at CSS or CTI?

    We are in our late 30's so don't need anything crazy but we also don't want something that everyone goes to sleep at 10pm either.

    Can anyone recommend one over other?

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    Having not stayed at CTI since the renovation was complete, I can only tell you what the noise level @ CSS is like. At CSS if you stay in the Beachfront 1 bedrooms near the beach bar it can be noisy. It is also noisy during Starlight gala and the beach party but those functions end before 10:30 PM. Also F bock is right by the night time show, but again it ends by 10:30 PM
    Otherwise CSS is very quiet. You really do not hear any noise right outside your room
    From posts on this board they say that at CTI since they removed the carpeting in the halls outside the rooms you hear noise when the late nighters return to their rooms. Again I have not experienced that only read about it

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    CSS was more tame than CTI is, and neither is a "party" place. We have had great fun 'till 5am at CTI, however. Thanks Piano Bar!

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    I don't know about CSS, but we were at CTI last Novemeber and it seemed that we were always in our room by 9 or 10. We stayed in a Premier Ocean room and didn't have any issues with noise or crazy people or anything. We were exhausted from being in the sun all day and from all the food so we didn't last long in the evenings!! I am pretty sure they had entertainment at night but we really didn't stick around to find out what it was!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shwagirl View Post
    I am just wondering if anyone can tell me from their own experience how quiet it is at night at CSS or CTI?

    We are in our late 30's so don't need anything crazy but we also don't want something that everyone goes to sleep at 10pm either.

    Can anyone recommend one over other?
    We stayed at CTI, but visited CSS for 6 hours on the Trading Places program. I'll let the CSS regs better advise you on the activity level at night there, as we have no experience on which to draw. But I was amazed during the daylight hours as to how incredibly quiet CSS was. I joked to Rosa that it was like the old Sprint commercials - you could hear a pin drop. But that was during the day. I have no idea what the evenings are like there.

    CTI is much more compact, yet has a larger number of rooms, which of course translates into more people, more buzz, etc per square foot. We found the evening activity about par for the course. None of the Couples resorts are known for being late night havens, but there was sufficient activity taking place. There were several nights when we hit the hay around midnite, and there were still plenty of people having a good time.

    Good luck with your choice, you won't go wrong regardless.

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    Last time we stayed at CSS we were given a beachfront suite, which was right near the main lawn and, a few steps from the main pool. We thought it would be noisy, but turned out not to be. Most of the later night activities are at the balloon bar, which is far enough away from the rooms to not bother them. CSS is quiet when you want it to be, yet there is also plenty to do and it doesn't shut down at 10. I've never been to CTI (CN twice, CSS once and returning in 15 days!), so can't recommend one over the other, but if you go to CSS, you won't be disappointed.

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    We have not stayed at CTI since the renovation was completed. We are going this Dec. to CSS for the 6th time. We have stayed in the Beachfront 1 bedroom twice ( A&B blocks) and during the Starlight gala and the beach party it gets quite noisy,but that should be expected. At times the beach bar get noisy late in the wee hours of the morning. If your room is near the beach bar it can be noisy at times,but not unbearable
    We have stayed 4 times in D block in a penthouse and I can tell you it is very quiet.
    F block which is right above the lobby/bar can get noisy. C,E & G block are very quiet

    From posts on this board that say CTI can be noisy when people walk the halls at all hours since they replaced the wall to wall carpeting with tile. As I said I have not experienced it,but this is what the posts say

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    At CSS the entertainment ends at 10 or 11 and then the piano sing along kicks in. We were always back at the room and hanging out on the balcony by 10:00. One night we were at the beach bar around that time and it was crowded and hopping. We are 40 and 41 and don't like to waste valuable beach time by staying in bed all morning so we are up by 6:30 every day and on the beach right after breakfast, and then back at the room to mix our own drinks and enjoy the peaceful evening before going to bed by 11 or 12. If you want a dance club, go elsewhere.

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    Sorry I meant CTI or CSA not CSS...anyone?

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    I would say CTI over CSS. Done both more than once and CTI has the better night time venues for entertainment.

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    At CTI after the nightly entertainment there is always something going on in the Piano Bar and in the Patio they have a DJ that will spin tunes. It felt like until the wee hours of the morning, but I think it only went on until 1am.

    At CSS there is a piano in the Balloon Bar that starts going after the nightly entertainment.

    At both resorts it just depends on the crowd whether the party stays going late or not. I do think that CSS is more laid back than CTI, but our room was really close to the Patio so we heard the tunes being spun every night and at CSS we weren't real close to the Balloon Bar so we never heard noise from there.
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