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    Default favorite couple resort

    My question is has anyone stayed at all 4 couples resorts?
    Can you tell me your experience and which one was your favorite.

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    We have stayed at all 4 and would go to any of them at anytime,but our favorite is CSS. It is the most relaxing, most romantic of any resort we have ever stayed at anywhere in the world

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    Each Couples Resort is unique from the other and offers everyone something different to fall in love with.

    We fell in love with the only Couples Resort built from ground up.

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    We have stayed at all 4, we love them all for different reasons, that said if I had to rank them for us here is the order

    We just returned from our 4th stay at CSA and it was as good as it gets. We stayed at CTI in November and we are hoping to return to CTI this November. I love the rooms at CSA, and have stayed in the GVS and Garden room, really liked not having a tv! The grounds are also very nice and plenty of food choices. My new favorite thing was having snow cones delivered right to your beach chair with a pour of Appleton rum over it---that was too much fun!

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    We've been to all four. In order of preference, we liked:

    1. CN
    2. CSA
    3. CTI
    4. CSS
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    We had the pleasure of having visited all four resorts over a nine day period, despite never having previously stepped foot on Jamaica. This I feel gives us a unique perspective on evaluating the four properties.

    So I can say without any reservations whatsoever our favorites in order were:

    1. Couples
    2. Couples
    3. Couples
    4. Couples

    Altho I'm not sure about liking #3 better than #4 tho.

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    My wife and I have visited CSS twice, CTI and CN once. All have wonderful staff
    CSS the most tropical and romantic
    CTI great entertainment and retro style
    CN great beach

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