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    Default Issa Trust Foundation to start first-of-a-kind Pediatric Medical Rotation Program

    Greetings to all:

    We are very pleased to announce that Issa Trust Foundation implemented the first of its kind, pediatric medical rotation program to begin in July of 2010, including neonatology training for Jamaica staff, biomedical engineer training, pediatric specialties, and pediatric medical clinical rotation, 30 day rotations, 12 months out of the year for 5 years, among three hospitals in northeastern Jamaica: Port Maria Hospital/Clinic and Annotto Bay Hospital/Clinic, both of which are in the Saint Mary parish; and Port Antonio Hospital/Clinic, which is in the Portland parish.

    For the latter focus, together with the Ministry of Health and North-East Regional Health Authority, the Issa Trust Foundation will evaluate the technology needs of the respective parishes and employ volunteer American biomedical engineers to provide training on operation, maintenance and repair of various types of medical equipment. Also, in July of 2010, Issa Trust Foundation will be shipping a 40 foot container of much needed medical equipment for the hospitals.

    The Saint Mary and Portland Parishes have a total population of about 195,000, approximately half of which are children under the age of 18. Despite having such a large population of children, Jamaica has limited resources for pediatric medicine.

    The goal is to implement a self-sustained pediatric program in Jamaica within five years by providing local staff with clinical training in general pediatric medicine. Issa Trust Foundation has a unique advantage in that we already have an established relationship with the Ministry of Health for six years, and will be once again combining forces for this project in order to improve childcare in Jamaica.

    Visit to see all the great work we are doing for the children of Jamaica. We appreciate all donations.

    Couples Resorts

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    Excellent work. I applaud the vision of the Issa Trust Foundation and your "git 'er done" work ethic. The Foundation will remain on my list of worthy and reputable charities.

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