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Thread: Diet Coke???

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    Default Diet Coke???

    I saw in another post a sample of the menu for the in room mini bar. I believe all I saw were Pepsi products. Am I going to be able to find Diet Coke anywhere on the resort???

    I probably sound crazy...but I love Diet Coke and don't know if I can handle a week w/out it

    On that note, can you take anything like unopened soda into Jamaica? What about a bottle of liquor? I doubt the bars will have Firfly Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka in Jamaica, huh?!?!


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    Default first I thought you were my mother :-) She loves diet coke while my wife and I love Pepsi products. I don't think you are going to be in any luck finding a coke product though. The only offering for the mini-bar was Pepsi and in the restaurants that is all they served. I don't recall seeing anything in the dis & dat store either. You may be able to head further down the beach to find your fix.....of Diet Coke that is :-)

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    You won't find Diet Coke in Jamaica at all. They have Coke Lite - which I love! One of my favorite parts about going to Europe or Jamaica is getting a Coke Lite which is different from Diet Coke - I think it is better but I suppose its a matter of personal preference. Anyway that said we had Coke Lite stocked in our minibar every day no problem.


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    CSA has Pepsi products, I believe it varies by resorts. The soda pop tastes different in Jamaica than in the U.S. and Canada. They use different ratios and different sweeteners. You can buy Coke products at the market across the street from CSA (if that is where you are going). But it will taste different than at home.

    You can bring a liter of liquor each (duty free) with you to Jamaica. However, you will have to pack it in your checked luggage, because you can't bring that much liquid through security. If you have a connecting flight, you can buy duty free liquor at your connecting airport and carry it on the plane. We did that last year in Charlotte enroute to Grand Cayman. The Duty Free shops at the airport don't have a very exotic selection, so you may be out of luck on your particular choice of liquor unless you risk packing it in your checked luggage.

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    Will Coca Cola Light work? I just checked the pic I took of the mini-bar in our suite at CSS. And yes, you can pack the soda and rum in your checked bag, but be careful. I encountered difficulty with my packed liquids exploding in my bag on the way home. Good thing I had them in a plastic bag.

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    They do have Diet Coke, but I have only seen it for sale at the news stand which is only open during the day. Also, it is named Coca-Cola Light in Jamaica. It is the same formula though.

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    In the uk we have something called Coke Zero in a black can. I cannot tolerate diet coke or diet pepsi as I find them really sweet. Coke zero tastes more like the real thing.

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    How are you guys getting other things stocked in your minibars? The only thing in ours that I wanted was water and the cranberry juice cans so I asked if I could get extras of those instead of the beer and liquor and they said no, they do not allow substitutions. You only get two tiny cans of cranberry a day.

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    As a diehard Diet Coke fan, I can tell you that the Jamaican Diet Pepsi actually tastes closer to Diet Coke than Jamaican Coke Lite does. Don't sweat it.

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    We had a similar problem as Melody. We had 2 bottles of Ting each of the first 2 days (out of 9) and then no more. I left notes requesting it every day with no luck. Now, as far as I know, Ting is a standard stock item for the mini fridge. I don't think I was making a special request, I was just asking for what was in the fridge the first 2 days.
    I've read elsewhere on this board about people who have made requests such as Rum Cream and got them put in their rooms. I guess it all depends on who's doing the stocking of your room. I know I was more than disappointed all of the days we got back to the room to get ready for dinner and, once again, no Ting.

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