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    Does anyone know if the $500 vendor fee for my outside photographer be charged to my room so that I can use my $500 resort credit to pay for it?

    I was under the impression that my upgraded flowers would be included in this, but Debbie informed me that any wedding upgrades have to be paid upfront with the wedding coordinator, so I won't be able to use the resort credit for these things.

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    I did not know that. I thought I had read everything was charged to your room. hmmmmmmm I would think Debbie would know.

    Good question Carrie!

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    Just for anyone's info...Debbie confirmed that I can use the $500 resort credit to pay my $500 vendor's fee for the outside photographer. She did mention that this would not apply with the previous promotion where the hotel offered $350 resort credit and $150 spa credit.


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    When we were married at CTI in Feb everything was charged to our room and paid upon checkout. That was the fee for our outside photographer, upgraded flowers, and hair and makeup. We didnt have a resort credit. I dont think you can use your credit with the state side wedding office but should be able to use it upon checkout for whatever is on your room bill.
    Come to think it, the wedding co ordinater booked the spa appointment for hair and make up and we didnt have to pay for it in advance!

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    I had already asked Debbie this question. Here is her response:

    "you will not be able to use the credit towards the photographer, for the photographer is a third party vendor"

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    It was all charged to my room (500 fee and upgrade) but I did use credit at spa for hair and makeup.

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    You can't use it to pay the photographer, but you can use it to pay the vendor fee that the resort charges for the outside photographer

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