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    Default CTI Ceremony locations

    Besides Tower Isle, and Bayside where else can you get married? I know there is no gazebo, but there has to be more than those 2 options right?

    If anyone has pics and a description of their location, it would be appreciated.

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    Hello Sensfan,
    If you search the "our wedding at couples" thread, there are many people who've had their ceremonies at various locations at CTI. I understand how you feel, too! I'm doing the tower isle ceremony, and have searched far and wide for pictures of it and so far, zippo! But there are plenty in the thread and a lot of people include links to their pictures...

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    We were married at CTI in Feb. We chose the garden area by the sea wall and swim up pool bar. The location was perfect! We had just the right amount of shade with the beautiful blue green ocean within feet. Although the resort was full, and we were fairly close to the pool, we felt as though we were the only people there! Our wedding was everything we ever wanted and more!
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    Wow - Beautiful!! I am getting married there in April. Debbie had sent me pictures of this location. I am for sure getting married here Thanks for sharing

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