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    Default Honeymoon Room Decorations???

    Has anyone paid extra for the honeymoon decorations? how much is it? whats included? was it worth it?

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    We did not pay for honeymoon room decorations at CSA yet we did buy additional flowers to put on the arch to dress it up a little. Later that night they brought those flowers to our room and put them on the posts of the bed. This was way plenty for us. The additional flowers for the arch cost about $100.

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    I'm curious about this too. This is the only information I've received, but I planned on getting it:

    Honeymoon room (décor, scented candles, rose petals, champagne) 50.00

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    We did, and they put lots of rose petals in the room when we returned, candles (that we took home with us) and champagne. Was only $50 I think. Was nice!

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