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    Default ADVICE- Wedding photos and DVD's

    Could anyone please let me know if they had their wedding photographed or DVD'd by the resort....It seems very expensive for such a small amount of photo's.

    Do you recommend them and what was the Quality like.... of both DVD and PHOTOS

    Any advice would be really welcomed (as we are getting married without guests and the parents are keen for us to have photo's and/or DVD)

    Thank you

    Getting married Couples Negril- Aug 2010.

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    We had our wedding at CN last month and chose theresort photographer, 36 photo package, but no DVD so I can't give an opinion there.

    We love the photo album put together for us, and the disc which contains the .jpg of each photo is good to have- you receive both a couple of days after the wedding. The total package cost $400. The photographer was excellent and took at least 100 shots- he had great ideas for poses. It was difficult to pick only 36 photos but we received a nice variety of poses with that amount. Our wedding was at 10am (this time makes for amazing colour shots of the ocean!) and we enjoyed being finished with the wedding and photos by 11:15am! After a yummy lunch, we were on the beach relaxing in our swimsuits by 1pm!

    Since we didn't invite any family along with us, we had the family celebration after we returned home. We both commented on how nice it was to have the 36 photos in an album to pass around for the older relatives who enjoy albums, plus the disc which allowed everyone to view the photos on a flat screen t.v. The 36 photos gave everyone a wonderful look at our cermony, cake cutting, and there were poses around the resort and on the beach, but yet it wasn't "too much". No one had to sit through an hour of photos, viewing 300-400 shots!

    Other options (outside photographers) were around $1,000-$1,500 and that was out of the range of what we wanted to spend. The reason why we chose a destination wedding at CN is that we had a beautiful, romantic wedding without going overboard in cost! I guess it's all in what you are looking for and want from your photographs. We just wanted several really nice shots that we could frame, reprint as gifts, and have as memories. Sometimes less is more, and with the money we saved, we paid for our photo Thank You cards, my husband's wedding clothes, my hairstyle, bouquet upgrade, makeup purchase, etc. etc.!

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    Travelbug, I was so glad to read your post! We are getting married at CN in June (also a 10 AM wedding) and are using the resort photographer. I was under the impression that they only took 36 photos! So glad to hear that they take more and we can get them on a DVD! Our plan is to also show the DVD at our reception when we get home. My daughter is going to put music with the DVD. I'm so excited now that I know how it's all going to come together! Thanks again!

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    Default Thank you Travelbug

    Thank you so much for your reply- it was really nice of you to take the time to answer my questions.

    I also was under the impression they just took 35 photos so I am glad to hear that they take a selection that we can choose from.


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    The way it worked for us at CN was the day after the wedding we had to go to the photo desk and watch a slide show of all the photos. We had to write down the numbers of the ones we wanted and it was tough! We watched the slide show about 3-4 times to decide on the 36. Originally we had told the wedding coordinator we only wanted a package of 24 photos, but there were so many shots we loved, we decided to pay an extra $100 and get the 36 photo package.

    The only thing I'd do again is double-check the photos we received against the list we provided and watch the slide show again. I picked up the album and disc the day before we left and although I leafed through the album at the photo desk to ensure there were 36 photos, I am quite certain there were some photos in our album/disc that we didn't select. We're not sure which ones were left out, but honestly, the day before we left was gorgeous and I felt like I didn't want to "waste" any more time looking through photos, trying to figure out which ones were missing, etc. As I mentioned, there were around 100 shots on the slide show. Plus, since we were leaving the next day, I didn't want to have to leave the album behind or risk that it wouldn't be ready in time for our departure.

    I also recommend not being shy to ask the photographer for what you want. I had looked at many photos on the message board before our weddingmoon and had an idea of poses that I liked. The photographer actually had said we were finished and there were several more poses on the beach and in the water I really wanted, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking some shots and he was more than happy!

    I believe too that some people have their resort wedding DVD posted on UTube. If you search by "Couples weddings", you may find some!

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    I am getting married next week on May 8th at the CN resort and I have chosen the 24 photo package-- does anyone know the quality of the resort photographers?

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    thank you!!! thank you!!! You ladies have answered and calmed my fears!!! I even posted a new thread w/o reading this one first.

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    Here is my experiance. Got married at CSA last year. We had the resort photographer take photos and signed up for I think the $400.00 package. We also brought along our very expensive camera and had someone we had met at the resort follow her around and take the same shots. The photographer didn't mind. (we were there solo and it wasn't hard to find someone to take photos for us)OK so the resort photographer set up the shots and took lots. We ended up picking the photos out we wanted for our book that you get with that. Which is very nice. In the end we had ALL the photos she took because we took the same ones. After we got home and got them all devoloped you really could not tell the difference in the resorts and ours. After the resort photographer was done ( and might I add she was VERY rused to get done) we ended up taking more with our new resort friends and they turned out just as good. We ended up getting this couples address and sent them a nice gift card for helping us out. It saved us TONS of money!!
    As for the DVD we took our own V camera and had someone tape us. It did not turn out so good. It was windy and she didnt get close enough to really hear anything. Its OK but not great. I would say if you are planning on showing this tape a a reception then hire it done. The resort guy does a more professional job and even has the security guard block beach traffic so you dont get that in your video. This was not that important to us but to each his own! Good luck!!

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