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    Default Why is Couples better than a cruise?

    Since this is a place where Couples addicts hang out, I thought I’d start a fun thread where we can just brag about how much better Couples is than a cruise (because believe me, on a cruise forum they just don’t get OUR addiction)

    For us, we went on our first cruise in Jan. The main reason to do so was to see more islands in the Caribbean. It was a Southern Caribbean itinerary out of PR with 7 ports. Plus we combined it with a visit to see friends in BVI. There was nothing “wrong” with it. We enjoyed seeing all those new ports, and the food was fine but... it just wasn’t Couples.

    We missed...

    the relaxed laid back atmosphere and super friendly Couples staff who knew our names
    not being surrounded by more than a thousand people
    not having loud music blaring and screaming kids
    being able to do it all or nothing, without pressure (knowing if you don’t race off the ship in the morning you’ll miss your only chance to see that island)
    not having to plan out all our days ahead of time
    not having to look at our watch and worry about racing back to the ship before it leaves without out us!
    the flag service on the beach and drinking hummingbirds and other yummy blender drinks... and martinis at night
    of course not having to pay for each and every one of those drinks
    not having to tip (although the Couples staff was more worthy than most of the ship's crew)
    not being nickled and dimed for all those extras
    the cat cruise (the one we went on sucked in comparison)
    taking out hobie cats
    waterskiing (well, that one's for my hubby, not me)
    diving at our leisure with awesome dive staff
    Negril sunsets
    the sound of swaying palms and crashing waves at ANY time
    open air dining, including the beach party
    the bonfire on the beach
    not freezing in an icy dining room (and not needing a sweater!)
    sleeping with the door open (and A/C off)
    we really missed the sound of the frogs at night...
    Oh, and even the yowling kitty one night (I almost forgot. What a laugh that was)

    I am sure there’s a lot more....
    I can hardly wait to get back home

    Add to my list. Why is Couples so much better than going on a cruise to you?

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    Couples is better than a cruise because....

    For the same amount of money (or less) you get a room larger than a walk-in closet.

    You won't suffer "sticker shock" when you get the bar bill at the end of your trip.

    You get the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture as apposed to just getting a "taste" for a couple of hours before you have to rush back to the ship again.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We're not cruise people, although we've never tried it. But...

    I just can't honor this with a comment! I'll be watching what others have to say, though...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We have been on close to twenty cruises and are making our fourth vist to Couples in l1 days! and have three more reservations in place! We do like cruises to get together with family and friends, BUT ,we really look forward more to Couples. I think the main reason is that on a lot of shore excursions we have been on, have been to a beach. (Extra cost and limited time.) At Couples we can just walk out our door and be on the beach as long as we want.

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    1) Because I'd rack up a $2000.00 alcohol bill if I went on a 7night cruise.
    2) I don't like being on a set schedule when I'm on vacation.

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    1) Not having to plan out your schedules and excursions for every stop
    2) Not having to be at dinner at the same time every night
    3) BIG bar bill
    4) Coming back from a cruise being tired vs coming back from Couples rejuvenated
    5) Staff
    6) Too much noise and commotion on the cruise ships

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    Never been on a cruise and plan never to be for the following reasons:

    1) Forced socialization. Having to sit at a table full of strangers at dinner is my idea of hell.
    2) I fear the drink tab at the end.
    3) Cruises tend to drop people off in "port cities" which are not representative of the country you're visiting. Having honeymooned in Nassau at an AI there and going into downtown and seeing the cruis ships let off - no thanks. If that were my only impression of the island it wouldn't have been a good one. Also, everyone I've ever known who has gone on a cruise with Ochi as a stop has vowed to never go back to Jamaica. Said they hated it. Everyone I've ever met who has actually stayed at a resort in Jamaica feels the opposite. I find that telling.
    4) No interest in spending my vacation on a floating city.
    5) No interest in my water time being of the pool variety.
    6) No interest in spending my vacation around other people's kids.
    7) General fear of being out on the open ocean and not being able to see land. OMG, and the freak killer waives that hit them every once in a while!

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    It just IS. We just got back from our first cruise (probably our last). The food is much, much better at Couples, there are far less people, no kids, not much smoking going on and no lines for anything and you can just get a drink when you want and not have to worry about what it's costing you. Also it does not cost the two of you $1000 to go diving. Thank goodness it's only five months until we come home.

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    I have never been on a cruise, so it is hard for me to comment. However, I bet there is one thing better with the cruise. I bet you don't suffer the depression so many of us feel after leaving Couples when you leave that ship. On second thought, I'd rather have the depression as it soon turns into the motivation to get to work so that I can return to CTI again next year.
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    I have never been on a cruise, either, but I shudder at the thought of being on the same boat with 2000-3000 people.

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    TOO MANY PEOPLE! I just booked a cruise for X-Mas with my husband kids and am dreading it - YUK!! There are going to be over 3500 people with us -

    We LOVE Couples because even at 100% occupancy it never feels crowded.

    We LOVE Couples because we can do what we want when we want.

    We LOVE Couples because there are NO KIDS.

    We LOVE Couples because everything is included.

    ... it keepsh me shane

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    There are SO many things about cruising that we do NOT like.

    Kids run amuck ~ I don't understand why parents think they can let their kids run EVERYWHERE all over the ship and be unsupervised.

    The BILL at the end of the trip. It is always sticker shock.

    Being on a time schedule.

    The expected tip at the end of the trip whether the employee deserves it or not.

    Constantly being on a time schedule. Doesn't matter what you are doing, there is a clock attached to it.

    Being on a time schedule.

    Not being able to enjoy the outdoors very much as it is too windy on deck and there are few outside options. Most everything is indoors.

    The tiny tiny rooms without any space for anything.

    Being on a time schedule.

    Being woke up in the middle of the night from children running up and down the hallways.

    Standing in line for everything!

    Being on a time schedule.

    Being nickled and dimed to death!

    The lack of feeling special from the crew members. Feeling like you are a number and not a human being.

    Being on a time schedule.

    The lack of beach time.

    Crowded swimming pools with babies in diapers in the pools. ewww!

    Being on a time schedule.

    Paying extra for the specialty restaurants.

    Loud announcements all day and night over the intercom.

    Being on a time schedule.

    Paying extra for specialty coffees.

    Smoke filling the hallways and clubs from smokers.

    Being on a time schedule.

    Lack of romance.

    Feeling like a herd of cattle with thousands of people on board the ship.

    Being on a time schedule.

    I could go on and on, but won't. We have been on 5 cruises, but once we found Couples we refuse to ever go on one again. Scott's family is doing a family cruise this year, we have refused to join them as we HATE cruising.

    Just writing this has my blood boiling, but then thinking of Couples calms me down.

    Couples is very relaxing. Extremely romantic. Quiet, peaceful, refreshing to the soul and rejuvenating to the relationship. The cares of the world quickly fall away when I enter the Couples 'zone'. Nothing like a vacation at Couples. Ahhh....
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We have been on a couple of cruises. I was the one who wanted to do them. We enjoyed them a lot. A couple of the exursions were great. However. My SO wanted to try an AI, so we went to Couples a couple of years ago. We came back the next year, and are booked again for This December. The relaxed atmosphere, the people, no tipping, and no surprises at the end of the trip. We drank very little on board ship because we knew the cost of the alcohol would break our budget. We don't have to worry about that at Couples. The tipping at the end of the trip was a hassle. Couples is so much better, and the cost is basically the same.

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    Default Cruises or Couples

    What is the date in December that you will be going ? We always cruised also and this will be our first time at couples, We are going Dec. 10th to the 17th.
    Quote Originally Posted by Charmo View Post
    I've been on a couple of cruises before and really loved them and always thought that was the only way to go on vacation until...we went to Couples for the first time last December.

    Employee are way nicer and more genuine,

    You're not stuck with people at your table if you don't really enjoy their presence,

    Rooms are better and bigger,

    You don't get a "surprised" booze bill on your last evening,and

    Nobody waits with an open hand for an envelope on your last evening as well!

    Couples, we're coming back again in December!

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    Hi There,
    We have always cruise and this will be our first time at couples we are also going in Dec. We will be there Dec. 10th to the 17th.
    What is the date that you will be there?

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    The sticker shock of bar bill in the end is no joke!!!

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    have them, love them. Go on vacation to get away from them.

    I've never been to Couples or on a cruise, however "no children policy" was one of the reasons why we chose Couples. I couldn't imagine being locked on a boat for 7 days with screaming kids. Not for me...

    CSA - 16 days away and counting!

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    Not having all the chairs lined up around the pool and looking like a sardine in a can and not having to soap the bathroom walls, spin around three times and that's your shower.

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    Two D's, we'll be at CSS on December 4-11. Which one are you going to be at. Each resort has a section to meet up with others going to that resort. Check out that section.

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    You guys are awesome! Fabulous comments. I went on the CC (cruise) forum before our cruise and although it was a great wealth of info. for cruise newbies like ourselves, I just didn’t feel like I belonged. Here people “get me”. Group hug?!! lol
    Even afterwards, people asked us if we were hooked on cruising now. “Hooked”? No. We did enjoy various aspects of the experience, but we’re going right back to Couples, thank you. We know it will be much more relaxing than our week of rushing around to see the whole Caribbean! LOL

    Lovjamaica, this is what we did to escape the pitfalls of cruising... We got a balcony. This was a must for us. It was our sanctuary to escape the madness on the Lido deck. We also upgraded to suite for a bargain just before the cruise (got the upsell call), which gave us room to breathe and a real tub. We did the anytime dining so we wouldn’t be stuck with people the cruise line picked for us. That worked well and we did dine a few times with new friends we met, and other times just the 2 of us. We had an itinerary with no sea days, so we wouldn’t be bored to death trapped on the ship with all those people, NO BEACH! (horror), and only teenie tiny pools full of screaming kiddies. Yikes! We got off the ship early at every port to avoid the cattle herding rush and got outta Dodge, as far away from the ship as we could. We went on our own 3 days and on 2 private tours with small groups.
    Try to avoid ship tours at all costs! The only ship tour we did our of desperation because there was nothing else we wanted to do on St. Lucia. Driving windy roads all day didn’t appeal, so we did a cat cruise.... thinking it would be great fun like the Couples cat cruise. Wrong! The crew were so miserable everyone moped the whole way. At one point they cut the engines and we drifted in awkward silence. It was uncomfortable and weird. We stopped to snorkel and the crew barked at us when we didn’t move fast enough to get into the water that now we only had 28 minutes left. We were miles away from land until we got to the Pitons. Then we spun around in a 360 and left. All cat cruises are NOT created equal.
    I here there are lots of programs for the kids to join in on. Try to make the best of it. It won't be Couples, but you can have fun... but it WILL make you appreciate Couples all that much more! ya mon.

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    You can't dig your feet into the soft sand or have the waves gently wash upon you. If you can do that on a cruise liner you have sunk.

    These feet like solid ground.

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    Couples is better than a cruise because....

    check in is easy, you have so much more paperwork to fill out when checking in for a cruise, even if you spent time doing forms online

    the rooms at couples are sooooo much bigger than the staterooms on a cruise

    no kids at couples. on my last cruise, the kids ate ALL of the soft serve ice cream on the first night. EVERY LAST bit of it. and they were running all over everywhere.

    you don't need to carry a note book and calculator to keep up with the extra costs at couples...want a soda- that's extra. want an espresso - extra. want to check your e-mail - extra. and be prepared to pay, a lot, for wine and cocktails.

    the beach is there at couples....all the don't have to wait to dock to feel the sand under your toes or swim in the ocean...and you don't have to worry that you'll be stranded and miss your ship if you fall asleep on the beach

    the food is better, the staff is better, LIFE is better at couples!

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    I cruise with my family quite frequently. As a family vacation, cruising totally works and we love it. There's something for all ages and we all eat together, thus avoiding the problem of small talk with strangers at table.

    However, for a romantic vacation, there is nothing like Couples. On a cruise ship, there is always a lot going on when you are at sea. When you are in port in the Caribbean, you are docked somewhere where everyone is trying to sell you duty-free jewelry or souvenir T-shirts. Once you make your way through that, the excursions are usually pricey and crowded. The beaches, although often lovely, don't compare to Seven Mile Beach at all.

    At CSA, DH and I can spend the day on the beach together without speaking to another soul, except our server. Even though there are other guests, Couples just feels private and intimate. It is romantic in a way that nothing else is. There is no "pace" other than our own.. The rooms are large and spread out enough at CSA that you don't feel as though you are on top of the other guests and nothing beats sitting on your verandah listening to the ocean and the tree frogs.

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    Just to play devil's advocate I'll say that it's not necessarily better, just different. It's kind of like comparing apples and oranges.

    Keep in mind that there are some excellent all inclusive cruise lines. Check out Silversea, Regent, Seadream, Seabourne and for the more formal side Crystal. Like Couples they stand above their competitors, but you also pay for it.

    I will agree that hands down Couples is better than a cruise on Carnival or Royal Caribbean, while on the other hand it would have a hard time beating a Silversea Cruise.

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    Has anyone on this board ever tried to "sneak" a bottle of booze or wine on a cruise?

    I tell you, the TSA could learn a lesson from the cruise lines. If you even think about bringing your own alcohol on board.... that you did not buy from the cruise line.... they are going to find out and punish you. When they do find your illicit booze stash (and they will), they'll call your name and you'll have to wait for a not short period of time in the "naughty" line for the privilege of a stern lecture and to claim what's left of your luggage.

    I've never done it, but seeing others get treated that way really rubbed me the wrong way.

    They really stick it to you with the booze, (and soda!) prices on the cruise ships too. It just seems almost "Big Brother" like, the way they protect their monopoly on the booze for YOUR vacation.

    That, ... with the tipping... the inflated prices for excursions...the constant nickel and diming for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. just left me with the feeling that their hand was in my pocket for the whole trip. I really began to wonder: Just what it was that I paid for before I got to the ship? I felt like I was nothing more than a walking wallet to the cruise line.

    I'm convinced the CEO's of Ryan Air and Spirit Airlines also run all the cruise lines. It must be.

    I'm not a fan of cruising.

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