Since this is a place where Couples addicts hang out, I thought I’d start a fun thread where we can just brag about how much better Couples is than a cruise (because believe me, on a cruise forum they just don’t get OUR addiction)

For us, we went on our first cruise in Jan. The main reason to do so was to see more islands in the Caribbean. It was a Southern Caribbean itinerary out of PR with 7 ports. Plus we combined it with a visit to see friends in BVI. There was nothing “wrong” with it. We enjoyed seeing all those new ports, and the food was fine but... it just wasn’t Couples.

We missed...

the relaxed laid back atmosphere and super friendly Couples staff who knew our names
not being surrounded by more than a thousand people
not having loud music blaring and screaming kids
being able to do it all or nothing, without pressure (knowing if you don’t race off the ship in the morning you’ll miss your only chance to see that island)
not having to plan out all our days ahead of time
not having to look at our watch and worry about racing back to the ship before it leaves without out us!
the flag service on the beach and drinking hummingbirds and other yummy blender drinks... and martinis at night
of course not having to pay for each and every one of those drinks
not having to tip (although the Couples staff was more worthy than most of the ship's crew)
not being nickled and dimed for all those extras
the cat cruise (the one we went on sucked in comparison)
taking out hobie cats
waterskiing (well, that one's for my hubby, not me)
diving at our leisure with awesome dive staff
Negril sunsets
the sound of swaying palms and crashing waves at ANY time
open air dining, including the beach party
the bonfire on the beach
not freezing in an icy dining room (and not needing a sweater!)
sleeping with the door open (and A/C off)
we really missed the sound of the frogs at night...
Oh, and even the yowling kitty one night (I almost forgot. What a laugh that was)

I am sure there’s a lot more....
I can hardly wait to get back home

Add to my list. Why is Couples so much better than going on a cruise to you?