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    Default A Call fro Air jamaica

    We received a call from AJ this evening. Unfortunately, we weren't at the phone so they left a message. Said our flight from Philly to MB in Dec was changed. From what I got from the message it was changed to depart 6am. I checked the AJ website and that is what it is saying. I thought we were always leaving at 6am. Anyone else flying from Philly in Dec on AJ. Did you also get this call. I'm confused. Will be checking with my TA tomorrow on what the original time was for departure. If it was moved earlier - - - DOESN'T HURT MY FEELINGS

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    Happytimes~ Please post after you talk to your TA. I just booked AJ out of Phila for our December trip yesterday. I debated booking US Air this trip instead of AJ because of the uncertainty of AJ now that it's Caribbean Air. But I took my chances and booked it because I really liked that we'd be leaving at 6 am. Ill be soooo mad if they changed the time the same day we booked!
    I'm hoping they were just making sure all ticket holders knew the time for flight 44 was no long 7:25 (which is was for years) but 6:00. What day are you flying out?

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    All Air Jamaica flights out of Philly were changed to leaving at 6AM after April 12th. We go in July and I am happy to be leaving that early. We should be on the beach by 11:30 AM. YEAH

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    When we origionally booked the departure time was at 7:25a.m. They called to let us know of the time change. Enjoy your time there, we just got back and loved it.

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    Default Flight Time

    We booked with AJ last month and flight 44 was leaving at 6AM. We will be leaving on Dec 7th and if all goes well will be in Jamaica at 9:30 YES

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    Happytimes~ I"m relieved to hear you booked back in the winter. The departure time for AJ44 was 7:25 then, so they just notified you that it was now 6:00am. I take that as a good sign that Caribbean Air plans on sticking to that schedule. We're flying out Dec 8th, spending a few nights on the cliffs then checking into CSA on the 11th. December can't come soon enough!

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    We fly AJ from Philly. This past trip, in April, departure was at 7:25. The time changed to 6:00 on April 12. We fly to Jamaica on Dec.5(Monday).

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    Hi Deb-when are you going in Dec? Missed you this past Dec. We went to Mexico instead. What a mistake that was. We did just have the best trip yet to CN in April.

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    We are flying out 12/10. We will probably be going to a Hotel the night before. I think we will take a ride up that way maybe in the fall. We use to fly out of BWI - but they changed the times and the rate is higher at BWI. This will be our first time out of Philly. When do you fly out?
    I didn't get a chance to call the TA yet, I am hoping to over the weekend. I will post what I found out. We booked over the winter, and I thought at that time the flight was 6am. Maybe is was 7:45 - Larry said he thought it was 7 when i booked. 6am is good for me, almost a whole day at CN the day we arrive. Yippee, as long as it stays this way!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello..we are also going 12/10 as well, hope to see you at the airport..I'll be the one with the BIGGEST smile around. And yes, the correct time is 6am.

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    Those booked with Air Jamaica would be advised to contact the ticket service to determine what changes have occurred. Air Jamaica is NO LONGER and is now owned by Carribean Airlines.

    Air Jamaica, RIP- the pride, the lessons, the legacy

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    Will miss you again. We are going Nov 24-Dec 5

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    I'm so jealous of you people who can be in Jamaica in a short 3 hours flight. When we go it is an all day adventure. It takes us 14 hours from door to door.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Ironically enough WE told our travel agent our flight was changed as we noticed it before she did.

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    Mobob - we have to get our act together so we can see each other again

    Freddie15 - we'll be right there with you with the BIG SMILE. Look forward to meeting you at the airport. Which resort are you staying at?

    TA confirmed that the time was changed to 6am. YIPPIE - more time at CNA

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    We are staying at CSA

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