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Thread: Snacks at CSA!!

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    Default Snacks at CSA!!

    Do they offer any snacks at CSA? Such as, candy bars, chips, nuts??...

    Thank you!!

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    The Patois Patio bar and Martini bar have warmed mixed nuts at night. There is not a popcorn machine or that type of thing anywhere on the resort. I have been to an AI that had a nacho chip box, but again, not at CSA. Seagrapes does make delish chips and dip that you can get anytime in the afternoon. There is also a soft-serve ice cream machine near Seagrapes where you can grab your own cone. There is a small market across the street if you want to buy snacks, and I believe the gift shop has some snack items, too. You can always pack something in your bags if you need that salt/sugar fix. Honestly, though, I don't think you will miss the "snacking." There is so much wonderful food at CSA that we hardly ever got hungry between meals.

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    CSA has snacks for purchase in the gift shop. They have small bags of chips and candy.
    The Cabana grill has Tortilla Chips with Nacho Cheese sauce (Self Serve) Great for a late night snack. Sometimes they will also put out chocolate peanut butter cookies.

    Sea grapes has a self serve soft icecream machine.
    We had plenty of food to snack on.

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    Default Snacks

    No they do not offer any snacks (candy bars, chips etc)that are all inclusive. You can buy a little candy bar or chips at the gift shop for a couple of dollars!!! They do have an self serve soft serve ice cream service all day.

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    as well as a self serve beer on tap to go with your munchies

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    I thought the Grill at CSA (over at the end by the Great House) had a nacho machine? Maybe I'm imagining things (it has been 2 years since we've been)? It looked like you had to get chips from the staff, but the machine dispensed the cheese.

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    The ice cream machine is yummy! We loved it!

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    Snacking is pretty limited but I never had a moment where I had to get a snack fix. The food there pretty much carried me till the next chow time. However, as others have posted, the sweet potato chips at Seagrapes are great then there is the self serve ice cream. If you need that salty crunch fix head on down to the Cabana grill and use their self serve tortilla chips with nacho cheese. Of course you can pick up one of their frozen drinks at any of the bars. For a sweet fix get the Jamaican Browning!

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