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    Default should we call & verify reservations

    We are booking our June trip through a wholesale travel website. Should we call and verify the booking before we leave to make sure Couples sees our reservation and that it is for the correct dates and room category? I fear getting all the way down there and not having a room. Thanks!

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    As long as you have a confirmation number of some sort, you will be ok... but you know what? I call to confirm, just because I can't help myself... its so nice to hear a Jamaican voice a day or so before we leave!

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    Calling and confirming won't hurt anything. If it were me I would definitely call and make sure everything is the way I expected it to be especially if you're not booking through Couples or a trusted travel agent.

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    Absolutely call and reconfirm! Since you're using a wholesaler, I would call and reconfirm within a day or two of booking the reservation rather than waiting a day or two before you depart. That way if there are any issues, you'll have time to work with them to get it fixed...

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    As someone who had a VERY bad experience with an online travel agency, I would recomend a quick call to confirm. It will only take a minute, and you will feel much better.

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    Call to make sure they have your flight info and are expecting you at the airport lounge. Doesn't hurt!!!

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    Next time, book yourself directly with Couples. You won't have to worry that some third party screwed up your reservation if you take care of it yourself.
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