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    Default SD card slots on CSS computers

    Does anyone know if there are SD card slots on the CSSguest computers? I was hoping to email photos to myself (backup) and avoid bringing my laptop.


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    If the computers at CSS are set up as they are at SweptAway, you will not have access to the actual PC station. The only access you will have is to the monitor and keyboard. No USB ports, no card readers, no cd/dvd drives.

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    There is no access to the CPU. Just bring extra cards with you.
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    In TI, there are USB slots, you could bring a cheap SD reader ?

    and the resident computer "techie" is VERY helpful....

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    You will not have access to plug anything in. Just buy a few extra cards..they are pretty cheap now and back them up when you get home. That's my plan..and I take a lot of pictures!

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    I use an eye-fi SD card to automatically do what you're looking for...

    but you will need to set up the card to work with the access point(s) at CSS. You'll need the wireless network set up info and access to a computer with USB port to do that. Somebody on the board may be able to give you the wireless network SSID for CSS so that you can set it up before you leave.

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    I hope Couples isn't letting people touch the PCs! Bring cards or a laptop.

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    Looks like I'll be draggin' the laptop... I figured Couples was too smart to let anyone have access to the boxes, but you gotta ask. Those pictures are too valuable to lose!

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    KrisJamie, I couldn't agree more. So many people rely on the computer lounges that it would be a shame to lose PC's to virals and such.

    The recommendations to bring extra cards makes perfect sense to me. They're big enough to hold a LOT of high def pics, now! And the little netbooks and web-enabled phones for those who really can't resist the urge to share immediately, take up so little room in a carryon.

    I appreciate the OP's concerns for backup... but if you're taking lots of pics, and if you have access to a pc (and available ports) or laptop to e-mail home for backup, you're probably going to be spending a lot of time away from your beach time (not to mention other people's time on the pc's)! But if you do, I'd recommend using one of the photo upload services like Walgreens, Snapfish, Shutterfly or Flickr (among several)... these are much quicker than e-mail.

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    Right, the plan was to not drag laptop/netbook/etc. (to avoid work and extra luggage) and to upload from my SD card to a secure backup location (my home network, picasa, etc.). Bringing extra cards is great, if you have a method to copy for backing them up. Using the phone (can't with my iphone) is somewhat feasible, but internal memory on most phones won't hold many pics to copy to another card, yada, yada. The eyefi card is a good idea, if you can feel reasonable certain you get thru the configuration process with foreign networks. Couples may want to consider a photo kiosk. If you've never seen them, they are very cool. You can insert cards, email/upload/order prints. From what I understand they are much like vending machines - companies pay you to host them. Maybe I'll just have to find some kind person to trade a couple free drinks for a few minutes on their laptop!

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