Hi everyone,

I really hope someone can help with this as I can't seem to get all the info from previous posts.

My partner & I are getting married at CN in Nov and can't wait!

We are staying for two weeks and whilst there, we would be interested in getting certified for Scuba diving so we can make use of the free diving as part of the All Inc package. We have done a practice dive in a pool before and both liked it. We have also travelled to the Red Sea and the Maldives and were frustrated that we couldn't dive there so it's now or never!

My questions are as follows:

- If we do the theory there, do you have to sit in a classroom and if so for how many hours? If you can study for it whilst sitting on the beach, how long is this likely to take? We are considering doing the theory before we go so this saves precious holiday time, any thoughts?

- If we do the theory before we go, how does this work? What docs do we need to bring and can we start learning the practical side straight away?

- I read on the Couples website somewhere that you can now do online courses at CSA - waht does this mean and is this not possible at CN?

- Please can someone go through the process for getting qualified including if we do the theory there and if we do it beforehand i.e - time it takes, how many dives, how much will it take out of our holiday and costs involved?

Sorry for all the questions but we are thinking that this would be a really special thing for us to do and a great achievement but obviously don't want it to take over our entire stay/honeymoon.

Many many thanks in advance!