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    I was wondering if email is free at CSS. I was thinking of not calling the kids on my cell phone (they're teenagers and don't have much to say on the phone) but instead emailing them daily on how things are going. Anybody know? We are leaving this Saturday. Cannot wait!!

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    Emaail is free @ CSS. They have 4 or 5 PC's in the game room right next to the lobby. You can gt on online and do your email business at anytime.
    They also have free wifi all over the place. We used our Itouch in the room,but in the room the wifi was not always good.

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    There is a games room right next to the lobby, with 5 computers that you can access for free, day or night. A great way to keep in touch!

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    Internet access is free.

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    There are several computers for guests to use. You can certainly e-mail your kids at no cost! Have a great trip!

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