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    Default Atrium Rooms in CSA!

    Do the Atrium rooms have a fridge? I know they dont have a Mini Fridge. Also, what about room service? Any at all?

    Thank you for your help!

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    There has been talk about adding the minibars to the Atrium Suites. Not sure if this is being done yet, if at all, but we'll know later this month.

    As for room service, there is a continental breakfast service that can be delivered to your room, but that is it for "room service" at SweptAway.

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    We where at CSA the end of March and no fridge. You can get continental breakfast though.

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    No, there is no fridge in an Atrium Suite. They are aiming for people who are looking for more rustic accommodations. I've stayed in the old garden suites, the new Beachfront suites and, most recently, the atrium suites. I love them all. It sounds to me that you would be more comfortable in the newer section. Frankly, on my next visit I think I'll stay there too. I don't care whether there is a TV or not, but some of this other stuff does matter.

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