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    Default Veil or No veil?????


    I am getting married in Aug at CN.

    I was wondering if people wear veils in beach weddings???

    Looking at photos no ones seems to be wearing one-


    Please let me know, any advice welcomed.

    Emma xxx

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    I have seen pictures with brides wearing veils, I think its a personal preference. They do look really nice in pictures when they are blowing.

    I will not be wearing one. This is my 2nd marriage, but had it been my first I probably would wear one.

    I will be wearing a flower in my hair.

    Alot of reviews I have read have mentioned how windy it is.

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    I was married on the beach in Nov 09 and it is windy but it is also humid. I just wore my hair pinned up and used sparkly pins in my hair. I'm very glad I didn't have a veil, it is my second marriage as well, but because it was so windy and humid, it would have felt like a wet newspaper stuck on your face with the wind blowing. Especially on the beach. If you are in the garden it is more protected and a veil would work just fine.
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