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    Default Watersports Equipment??

    Hi, I am hoping to book a week at one of the Couples resorts for myself and my husband. We enjoy watersports but I am struggling to find any specific detail about equipment available at each resort. If anyone can tell me which types of boats are available for sailing and at which resorts I would be very gratefull.

    Looking forward to getting away - finally getting a honeymoon 2 1/2 years after the wedding!!


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    They have Hobie crafts (small sailboats), & Water bikes. They also have free snokling,scuba diving, waterskining and glass bottom boats by reservation
    All except CSS have a CAt cruise also by reservation

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    THey also have windsurfing equipment but it is mostly suitable for beginners eg no harnesses at CTI in March (although there have been harnesses at the other resorts in the past).

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    We were really disappointed that there was only one water bike at CSA when we were just there. This is one of the things we enjoyed last time we were there but it isn't really that fun when you have to take turns instead of going out together. Only one person can ride on them at a time so the other person would have to wait at the beach and watch. They do have another one but it is broken.

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