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    Default Massage for recent recoveree...

    My beautiful bride had shoulder reconstruction surgery in mid-February of this year. She's worked hard and has made remarkable strides in her recovery, but we're curious.

    What precautions should she take for massage? Should she check with her doctor and therapists? Any advice appreciated...

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    check with your doctor but I had 2 disks replaced in my neck last March and had an hour long massage in May of that year. I just told them the area to be gental and they were great. Have fun.

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    Chris, I think it's a good idea that she first check with her doctors, just to make sure she gets the ok to have a massage or at least receive instructions to pass on to the masseuse if necessary.

    One nice thing is they ask if there is anything they need to know before proceeding, and they'll also make sure to have her say something if there's any pain during the massage. But there shouldn't be, they are for the most part pretty gentle.

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    I would notify the person taking the appointment and see if they feel comfortable doing it as I am unsure of the training they receive in JA for post surgical massages.

    Having a massage to release and stretch the muscles around the surgery area is a wonderful idea and it will also release any adhesion's that may have formed.

    You might want to go to a massage therapist in the US first and do a follow up while in JA. One can never have too many massages.
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    Thanks all... wifey has, indeed, been provided with EXCELLENT post-operative orthopedic care, including twice-weekly visits to to a team of rehabilatative therapists. She'll check with them during her visit today.

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    Hi Chris,

    Besides checking with your doctor put the information on the form you complete at the spa before your wife's massage. Then have your wife discuss her injury/surgery with the masseuse before the massage begins. I have an old shoulder injury that surgery can't repair. Each time I have shared that information with the masseuse, they have been extremely careful when massaging or manipulating my shoulder. One year it was so tender they avoided it all together. The masseuses we have had are very good and knowledgeable about anatomy. They will take good care of you and your wife.


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