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    Default Can I get Scuba Certified at CSS?

    Hi all!
    I've decided I want to get scuba certified so I can dive with my hubby who is already certified. We are going to CSS in May 2011. My questions are:

    1. Does CSS have a scuba certification program? (I keep reading about CSA and CN on this MB but no CSS)

    2. Should I go through a local dive shop to do all the book/online training and just do the open dives at CSS?

    3. Or is it better to wait and do everything there however I don't want it to eat up all of my vacation.

    4. If I do all but the open dives beforehand, how much will it cost me to do the 4 open dives I need to certify?

    5. What gear do I need to own vs. rent?

    Thanks for all your help. I've read other threads on this but can't quite get the answers I need.

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    Hi Couples do do certification. I assume you will want to do PADI Open Water.
    You can save your valuable holiday by doing a "referal". Basically you do all the theory and pool work beforehand in a dive school at home. When you get to resort, you may have to do a checkout/ review in the pool ( which is a good thing ) but can be in the sea completing your course on your first day - and dive every other day if you wish. I am sure your local PADI school will cooperate with this and may even liaise with Couples for you.
    Check and recheck you have all the required and signed-off referal documentation with you when you arrive at the resort.

    This approach can be more expensive than simply taking the entire course at the resort or beforehand. Only you cna decide how much a couple of half day's holiday and some study/"work" on resort is worth to you.

    GOOD LUCK :-)

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    Patrick Campbell is the instructor at CSS. I did it there 3 years ago. I did the whole thing there. It didn't take up that much time. I was back last June and dove twice a day everyday I was there.

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    My S/O is doing this same thing as we speak!
    Go to
    search "Jamaica" then there is a link to do your online bookwork that is connected to the Padi shop at the resort, looks like this
    Couples Sans Souci S-20168
    Box 103
    Ocho Rios, St Ann,

    Ph: (876) 994-1206
    Fax: (876) 994-1544

    Sign Up for a PADI Online Course

    once you arrive, they will go over the pool portion and your four open water dives!

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