Hi all!
I've decided I want to get scuba certified so I can dive with my hubby who is already certified. We are going to CSS in May 2011. My questions are:

1. Does CSS have a scuba certification program? (I keep reading about CSA and CN on this MB but no CSS)

2. Should I go through a local dive shop to do all the book/online training and just do the open dives at CSS?

3. Or is it better to wait and do everything there however I don't want it to eat up all of my vacation.

4. If I do all but the open dives beforehand, how much will it cost me to do the 4 open dives I need to certify?

5. What gear do I need to own vs. rent?

Thanks for all your help. I've read other threads on this but can't quite get the answers I need.