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    Default Tommywommy

    Tommywommy, I just spoke with Karen Lanigan and gave her a hug from YOU!!! She said to send one back and to tell you that it has been TOO long since she has seen you and Peggyweggy!!!!

    CN is beautiful as always, we are having a GREAT time!!!!

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    Thanks so much for giving Karen a hug for me.
    Enjoy your visit and have a drink for me.


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    Lucky You!!!
    Wish we were at CN Right Now!!!
    We miss Karen and all our friends at CN!!!!

    A & F

    P.S. Hi TW

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    Tommy - as CandS and Karin say - too long since you have been at our heart's home and a day pass doesn't count. We leave in 85 hours and can't wait - and will say a big Ya Mon and hug from Tommy. WE CAN'T WAIT

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    Default Tommywommy - part 2

    We have now moved on for our 2nd week at CSS and I passed on your hug to Pierre Battaglia (general manager here at CSS)..... Everyone at the table wanted to know who in the world IS "Tommywommy" Pierre started telling everyone all about you and how he was very likely to come out in the morning to find you raking the beach, or sweeping or mopping up somewhere on property.... He said to tell you hello!!!

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    CMCindyA..Isn't Pierre and CSS wonderful?
    Thanks so much for hugging Pierre for me.
    NOW...I owe you TWO hugs.

    Hugs from 10 0 C


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    Default Thinking good thoughts


    i have struggled with calling regarding the job situtation. I hope you now you are in my thoughts. I can never thank you enough for your friendship and caring for me and little red. You are the reason why we went to csa. You are one of a kind. If i can do anything or help in anyway please let me know. You are and will always be someone who cares for everyone you meet.

    Take care,

    lp and little red

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    LP...I throughly enjoyed working with you..

    You take care of yourself and Little Red.

    Your 10 0 C buddy forever.

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    I always knew there was a reason for you posing with rakes and working at the desk while at a Couples Resort!

    Now how in the world do you insert beach raker in your resume TW?

    See what happens when you try to get your boss to drink a Salty Dog!

    All joking aside Jean and I hope that all works out for you and Peggy in this economy.

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    Dad(Rdyjmjm)..We are adjusting very well to me getting fired.
    I am looking forward to another Couples Salty Dog soon..Ruff Ruff
    Give Jean a hug for us.
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