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    We are getting so excite. We have only 3 wks to wait til we head out for Jamaica. We are heading for CSS first. We'll be there from May 29 to June 3. This will be the first time at CSS. The pictures I have that others have posted, its a beautiful resort and I'm looking forward to being there. Then we are heading over to CN June 3 to June 8. This will be our 3rd time there. I'm counting the days down now instead of weeks.

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    Well, you must like CN if this is your third time there-my husband and I are going the end of June for our 20th anniversery---our first time, I'm real excited!!! Any pointers?

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    cicurn63, you will have a great time at only advice is to try everything you can there. The sunset catamaran cruise is great. The 2nd yr there we did the horse backriding off the resort. That was fun and you get to see a part of the island that you don't always get to see. Just go and relax in the best place this side of heaven. And let them serve you.

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