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    Default The wait is almost over!!

    Well I remember being on this board when we had 94 days to go!! Now we only have 13 DAYS TO GO!!!!! I am already having trouble sleeping!! We are first timers to CSA, AND we are getting married there, and can't hardly wait! I just finished my semester too!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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    I know how you feel. We are leaving Sunday for CTI and I can barely make it thru work this week!

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    Maybe we will see you there! Good luck with your wedding!! My future hubby and I will be at CSA for our honeymoon May 16th - 23rd. 11 more days, oh my gosh!!!!! =)

    -Jay and Andrea

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    Default Andrea......

    We will be there May 17th-22nd. We are actually looking for someone to take a few snapshots of our wedding. NOt alot, but we cant afford a photographer and we just want a few pics. Would you be willing to help us out?

    Amanda and Jason

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    AHammon, Maybe you can find a professional photographer vacationing the same week you will be. My wife is a photographer and she wants me to find a couple getting married there the week we are going so she can write a portion of the trip off on her business taxes. She's going to take the pics for free just to get the tax write off.

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    We'll be there in 13 days too!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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    Get ready Jamaica cause the farmer will be in town on the 26th of May. Counting the days.

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    We are at CN in 17 - the countdown has begun!

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    jtlooey what days will you guys be down? we will be getting married at csa on june 3rd, we would love someone to take pics! we even have a nice nikon d90 she can use. thanks

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