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    Default online check in??

    Any advantages to checking in online before your arrival? Do you "have" to do this to recive your Romance Rewards credit? If you check in online are you assigned a room??

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    The advantage is they should have your gifts ready for you when you arrive and it also reconfirms your flight details as I recall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandj View Post
    The advantage is they should have your gifts ready for you when you arrive . . . .
    We stayed at all four resorts in an 18-month period. CSA was the only one that had our RR gifts ready for us on arrival. CTI and CSS delivered the gifts to our room the following day. At CN, we had to request them for two days before they were delivered, even though we did the on-line pre-check-in.
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    You don't have to check in online to receive your Romance Rewards credit. The main advantage of checking in on line is that they have all your info in advance which speeds up your actual check in
    They do not assign rooms until the morning you arrive, so checking in online does not help with room assignments

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    The online "check-in" really only serves one purpose, that being an opportunity for you to express your preference of arrival gifts (if eligible). You don't need to use it to receive any credits; nor will you be able to select a room.

    Still, its a very nice courtesy by Couples.

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