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    Default CSA - food on the beach or room

    We are getting ready for our first trip to CSA and I have what is probably a dumb question.
    I know we can get a continental breakfast in our room btu no other room service. BUT, I read in one review that you can take a plate from Palms out to your lounge chair on the beach. What about taking an appetizer or something small back to a beachfront suite or taking something from Seagrapes to your chair? I can see where a small snack with a drink on the veranda or on the beach woudl be a nice late afternoon break.

    I am presuming we would take the plates back to the restaurant or grill


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    Of course you can take food from lunch to wherever you are sitting or relaxing.
    Don't leave food on plates in your room or on your balcony as you will get ants

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    Seagrapes in particular is very good about wrapping up snacks to take back to the room with you.

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    We took burgers and patties from the grill to the beach everyday as well as the room. Along with beverage flag service they also brought fruit kabobs to us on the beach. My favorite part of the day was getting my patty and drink and eating in the ocean. I put fruit from the palms in a cup and brought it to the beach too. Just don't leave your trash on the beach.

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    thanks! I can SO see DH and I sitting on the veranda with a snack and a cool beverage. I can even see us being so relaxed as not to want to get up for dinner :-)

    I understand the cleanup issue as well. Beyond being rude to leave stuff about, the caribbean is home to all sorts of critters - I love a lizard or two (it make me feel liek I'm "home" ) but ants we can do without :-)


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    You can but be really careful about bugs! We only had breakfast delivered twice but we put the plates outside the door right away when we were done. Ants and other bugs were coming in from all openings as is, I wasn't about to entice them!

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    Because the doors don't seal at the bottom we did have some ants a few days. They were after the empty pepsi bottles in the trash. They leave a can of spray in the closet and it worked fine.

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    I like to get a plate of sweet potato chips from Sea Grapes and eat them on the beach. I always make sure to take the empty plate back though. Just being courteous and also keeping the beach clean.

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