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    Default Pre-packaged Vacations and Couplicious Wednesdays

    I have read many times that you can book the Wednesdays specials through a TA or on the website. is this only if you are booking the hotel and flight separately through the TA? Can anyone tell me if the Couplicious Wednesday specials are available to TA's if you book a pre-packaged vacation on a Wednesday. I have yet to find a TA when calling about a pre-packaged vacation to CN who has ever heard of the specials. It would certainly make booking more attractive instead of waiting and trying to time the booking for a time when the prices temporarily go down.

    If anyone from Canada has been able to take advantage of the specials for pre-packaged vacations, please let me know what TA or tour company.

    If it can't be done then we will just have to bite the bullet and book when we feel the price is right.

    Can't wait to book and try Couples for our first time!


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    I don't recall that the Couplicious Wednesdays are available through a TA... I thought you could only get them from Couples directly (or on the website), and that you only have until mid-night (eastern time?) on the Wednesday of the posting to take advantage of it.

    But hey... I've made a career of being wrong... anyone else?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We always book our trips through our travel agent. We've taken advantage of the Wednesday specials 2x, after we had already booked our vaca packages. I just let my t.a. know about the sale & she dealt w/ US Air Vacations & w/ Couples & it was no problem.


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    Unfortunately we haven't been able to book one, but I did call my TA one Wednesday on a special and he had the pricing. Perhaps your TA is just unaware that the pricing is special on that day. Are you checking your TA's quoted price against the Couples' website's quote?
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Thanks for the quick responses. I finally got an answer from WJ Vacations in Canada and they won't honour the CWE specials as it is not in their wholesale contract. Bummer. Guess we will have to wait for a seat sale and book separately or bite the bullet now.

    When I called the Couples 1-800 number they advised that they do honour CWE specials for pre-packaged vacations. I wonder if I show them that I booked on the wednesday, because of the CWE, if they would consider it directly instead of through the travel company?

    If not, we hope to have a great first trip to couples anyway in November.

    Thanks Again.

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    Our TA in the States does offer and sells the Wednesday special. We have purchased it two times. I think it all depends on the TA and the company they use.
    Irie Mon

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    That's the problem with booking packages. They just don't offer the flexibility. Last time we booked to CSA through Transat and when we considered upgrades (we had a group for our DW), Couples couldn't modify our reservations at all because it was a package. We had to get our TA to go through Transat who offered us ridiculously high upgrade rates. So no one did it. Plus our flight was nasty cramped and got in really late. WJ is way better!

    So this time we booked through the special awhile back to get the room upgrades and $500 credit. We didn't bother with a TA. I'm still watching WJ and AC for deals on air, but from here they're still about $1100-1200 for end of Dec. Yikes. If they don't come down we'll fly out of Seattle. Still cheaper than booking a package though I think.

    You may want to consider booking air and Couples separate and still flying with WJ.

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    Thanks everyone. We will keep watching for the specials and then jump on it when the time comes. If we can get the CWE as well then it will be a bonus!!

    This message board is great for information but with all the great reviews and conversations it sure does make the clock tick backwards!

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