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    Default Tom & DuAnne

    20 DAYS TO GO-1st timers-We are TOOOOO excited-5/15-5/22!!!

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    Woot Whoot!! Steve and I are too! We are first timers and our wedding date is May 15, 2010. May 16-25...See you There!!! 18 Days to go...

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    Default Congrats from Tom & DuAnne

    Tom and I are as excited for you newlyweds, as our own 1st timers visit to CSA. Can't wait to "prove" all these message boarders 100% RIGHT! Almost seems too good to be true. Have a wonderful wedding day. Meet ya on the beach!

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    jess_fro----13 days more for us-14 for you!!!Incredible-we will be "newbees" at CSA-you will be NEWLY-WED-NEWBEES!!Best Wishes from Hotlanta on your wedding day!See ya in 2 weeks...TWO WEEKS!!!

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