We married at CN 25th May 2005 & my husband promised we could return for our 5th anniversary, so much so I've been counting the years, months & now (yippee) days !!!!

We are flying from the UK on 15th & spending the 1st week at CSA, then on to CN to celebrate our anniversary for the 2nd week - I can't wait, I'm sooo excited, I'm sure everyone at home & work will be glad to see the back of me as I'm driving everyone daft talking about it.

Now you ask why am I so nervous????? Well we met some folks from Virginia Beach in Cancun in 2004 & we've raved on about CN since then. Scott & Deb have decided to join us at CN - Woo-hoo, it gets better, 5th anniversary at CN & Scott & Deb joining us - yeay!!!

But....................................... here's my problem - will they think it's as good as we say?????