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    Default May15- May23 Who's Going

    Hi Everyone . We just booked our 5th trip to Couples.This will be our 3rd trip to Negril.Can't wait just 196 days to stock up the pool bar and save me a float We're going home

    Larry and Carol

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    Hello, I have not booked yet, but we are definately going to CN in May. Just not sure on the dates yet. This is our 6th trip to Couples and 3rd to CN. We have been in Ocho Rios the last 3 trips and are anxious to get back to "The beach".
    Which room catagory did you choose? I am trying to figure out the differance between the Deluxe beachfront and the Deluxe ocean. they both look the same on the discriptions.
    Freezing in PA. Paul and Angela

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    Hi Paul & Angela
    We chose the Deluxe Garden room. We've had the ocean view once before,its not really much different. We hoping for an upgrade though. It really doesn't matter,we dont spend alot time in the room and I'd sleep in the closet just to be there
    Not so warm in NY Larry and Carol

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    Hi! We are going May 10-15, 2010! Getting married 5/12! I'm counting down the days!

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    Hi Bluemoon Congrats! We're going to just miss you. We are renewing our Vows on the 17th, our anniversary 30 years

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    Default Larry and Carol

    Husband from across the little pond... we will be with you in may arriving 13th returning 23rd! Of course we have to celebrate (belatedly) my 50th birthday as well as your pearl wedding anniversary IT'S PARTY TIME!!!!. We are counting down the days. What drinks do you want waiting at the pool bar and what time do you arrive! Your supportive wife from across the pond. xx

    Who else is coming to join us????

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    Mrs Jekyll I love the sceen name. We arrive in M B at 1030am, so I guess we will be at the pool bar by 1230- 100pm. We have private transport from the airport that was our reward for booking on a Weds special. A Long Island Ice Tea for me and a frozen Margarita for your sister wife.
    If everything goes well, our son should be there on Friday the 14th,and our daughter should be there with us on Sat the 15th. The renewing of vows is set for Monday the 17th at 3pm. Exactly 30 years to the minute.
    Now we have to work on David & Becky the more the merrier

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    Hi Larry and Carol, am still trying to persuade Dave and Becca to join us. Looking forward to meeting the kids I didnt know I had lol. xx

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    166 days to go

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    166 days for you and even less for us. Mark and Lisa can't join us as they are saving to get married. Am even keeping my eye out for that special outfit! were off to Cyprus with my dad for xmas 12/20 back uk 1/3. Don't forget we need to have a chat before we all get to CN love to you both. xx

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    Is it may 15th yet

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    Hi all, We will be taking our second trip to Couples Negril May 6th-13th Celebrating our 42 years Wedding anniversary early. We have another couple coming with us and they are so excited as this will be there first trip to Paradise. May can't come soon enough! So cold here in Washington State! Looking forward to alot of R & R and those awesome Jamanican drinks at the swim up bar. 139 days and counting now Bluemoon, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I'll have two glasses of Champayne waiting for you at the bar.

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    Its a blizzard on Long Island and I'd rather be in Negril

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    Well, we'll be back for our 5th visit and our 2nd on my birthday. We are also coming with another couple we met there last year at the same time. We can't wait to get back.

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    Hi Kycrazies You didnt say when you would be arriving, but I hope it will be when we are there. This is our 5th visit as well. If all goes well we will have our two kids with us (mid 20s). We will be getting remarried while we are there,so if your there on the 17th stop by and have a drink with us
    Larry & Carol

    PS the weather in NY is COLD AND WINDY I'm ready for May just 125 days to go

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    Hi All, we can't wait to get there, it is sooooo ccccoooollllllddd here in the UK with minus 10 or more! Were not used to this! Congrats Bluemoon we will be at CN the same time. We look forward to wishing you copious amounts of love, happiness, wealth and a fantastic life together!
    Look forward to meeting everyone else there. How will we know who we are?? shall we make some arrangements to meet up and intro ourselves?? any thoughts?

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    Long Island Couple

    Will have your drinks ready at the bar AND the all important pool chair! love xx PS don't be late as its a very important date!

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    Oh, so sorry, was too excited I guess. We are going to be there May 15-May 22. We will have drinks with you to celebrate the renwal of your vows (I'll buy) but you can buy mine on the 18th when we celebrate my birthday!! We will have 2 more couple in tow now....

    AND...this just in...Looks like we are going to go back the 2nd week of October too..finally get to use the Romance Rewards Upgrade!!

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    Thats Great.We would be happy to "buy" you a birthday drink (or two) on the 18th. Looks like the pool bar is going to be rocking for that week.

    Mrs Jekyll & Mr Hyde you better find some reinforcements for the "pool sit races" My hand will be better by then

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    Hi Kycrazies we are so jealous you will be back in October, oh how I WISH WE COULD SAY THAT! Must win the lottery! see you soon xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Jekyll & Mr Hyde View Post
    How will we know who we are?? shall we make some arrangements to meet up and intro ourselves?? any thoughts?
    Think we should start a picture post string???

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    Okay...officially booked now. Land around 10:30, then the puddle jumper over...should be 6 drinks in by noon....haha...can't wait!!!

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    Long Island couple, is that a threat or A PROMISE! ps check out becs and nocka's facebook

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    oh its a promise I've training 18 hours a day pulling a sled up hill loaded with Bob Marleys I'll be ready

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    Quote Originally Posted by kycrazies View Post
    Think we should start a picture post string???
    OK identification, lets make it more intersting....Tony and I will be wearing white stetsons with GB flag on them (plus swimwear).. what are you wearing?????

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