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    Default May Photo Contest - CSS

    Who would want to leave paradise?
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    Default 2nd trip to Couples Negril April 30th - May 9th 2010

    Here are just a couple of the wonderful memories my husband and I shared at Couples Negril.
    Pic 1-Seizing life's small opportunities. The Ponds at Couples Negril.
    Pic 2-Beautiful view of Bloody Bay from resort lobby.
    Pic 3-Sunset view from the beach at Couples Negril.
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    Just a few of the over 1000 pictures I took during our 2nd visit to CTI May 16-20, 2010. My husband and I are already planning our 3rd trip back, hopefully for our 10th wedding anniversary next year!

    1. Sunrise over Tower Isle - I got lucky one morning and woke up early enough to capture this beautiful shot of the sun rising over Tower Isle. We couldn't wait to begin our day!
    2. Our Daily View - this is the wonderful view we had of the pool, Tower Isle and the beautiful blue ocean every day.
    3. Morning Beach Walk - one of the many pictures I took the morning we had to leave our 2nd home and return to the real world. I can't seem to take enough pictures of all our surroundings.

    There is absolutely no comparison to the level of service, detail, and magnificence we experience as guest of Couples Tower Isle!
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    Default Our Pics

    Our pics
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    Our second trip to CN - March 2010 - Addicting!
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    CN Sunset
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    Default Couples Negril

    May 15-22, 2010
    A few shots of our fabulous time with you. All expectations were blown away.
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    Lots of great photos this month! I have to put this one on. I heard this singing of "One Love" followed it to find Maisie singing to the parrot "Anita" at CSS. When she came to the chorus the bird would dance!
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    Default Fromour honeymoon at CSS

    1 Meeting the boys!
    2 Another delightful evening...
    3 Perfection @ Martha Brae
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    Default May Photo Contest - CSA 2010

    Photo 1: Couples illuminated in love as nightfalls in Negril.

    Thank you!
    Jennifer Cetrangolo
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    Default Couples Negril- May 1-8

    An amazing time to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and hope we are back again before another 10 yrs passes!

    so many pics of sunsets, each one was more perfect than the last so it was hard to choose just a few pics!

    1- boat in firey sunset
    2- almost gone...

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    Default Couples Negril - May 1-8 #3

    OK - try as I might, I could not get it to delete the wrong pic I accidentally clicked on for my previous post...that little attachment window that pops up just kept adding the photos onto the end... anyone know how to fix that? It still won't let me, keeps showing the wrong photo.... grrrr.... I have done it multiple times now...
    perhaps I need to log off my computer altogether and start over.
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    Default Couples Negril - May 1-8 #3

    OK, sorry folks, think I had some issue w/ my own files and naming, etc. (still think it's weird how the total amt used seems to keep going up in that download window though). so this was intended to be my #3 picture, NOT The other sunset one that is currently there!

    now after fighting with this - I *really* wish I could crawl into this picture! :-)

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    Default Csa

    1) Wish we could do this every day!
    2) Goin' to the chapel & gonna get married!
    3) Beautiful lady.
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    Default CSS Jan 20-30 2010 - 14th time to Jamaica - Best Vacation EVER

    Thank you to couples for our fantastic vacation. Here are a few of our favorite memories:
    1. True meaning of vacation - relaxing in at the Mineral Pool (like a private haven) with the best fruit smoothies,
    a good book, pure sunshine and the ocean right behind us.
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    2. Beautiful sunset
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    3. One of the beauties of both Jamaica and CSS is the nature:
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    Default Thank You Swept Away For A Beautiful Wedding

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    Default Wedding At CSS

    Couples Sans Souci April 30th - May 5th 2010

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    Here, Everything was Beautiful!

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    Creating our own magical moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveandjen View Post
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    A beautiful hide-away....
    This is from CSS where you can go and have a couples massage with an ocean view.

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    (1) Jamaican Gymnastics on the Cat Cruise.
    (2) Catamaran Cruise at Sunset.
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