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    Default CSS-Beachfront Suite or Ocean Suite?

    My wife and I are taking our honeymoon to CSS at the end of May/beginning of June. We have the beachfront suite booked now, but wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts/preferences on either of the two suite rooms....

    We don't care about steps; we just want something with a great view, a good size balcony, privacy, etc. I think that the beachfront has a jacuzzi tub, which I'm sure my wife will love, but I would appreciate any thoughts from others who have been there. This will be our first time in Jamaica, and we can't wait! Thanks in advance!


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    If you are wanting a great view, I'd go with the Ocean Suites. They are up in the cliffs and have incredible views. The balconies are also much larger than the beachfront suites and I think they are more private. The beachfront suites are right in the middle of everything.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We stayed in a beachfront suite nov 09. The location was wonderful. room nice but the jacuzzi didnt work which is why we booked the room.I was so disappoined. I think most of the rooms in the a & b block have been renovated so hopefully everything works now. I did tell the front deck and then wrote a letter to the GM and never got a reply. I feel i didnt get what i paid for so just make sure the tub works as soon as you check into the room.
    Nice resort, good food, good location have fun
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    We agree with Coloradojuli, I'd ditch the Beachfront and go with the Ocean Suite. We've stayed in both and loved the balcony of the Ocean Suite. The Beachfront patio is small.

    Bart & Bug

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    Not all the balconies for the ocean suites are large. I thought I was getting what the picture showed, and it turned out the balcony and the second room were very small. If this is important to you, let them know. Don't know if it will help, but I would have liked to have known about the differences.

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    If you are going the end of May, I'm guessing you've already paid for your trip. The Beachfront Suite is a more expensive room so why downgrade? We stay in the Beachfront and Love it. We are going again in July and have the Beachfront. We wouldn't stay in any other room. It has a beautiful view of the resort and ocean and is so convenient to walk to the beach. The balcony may not be as large as some of the rooms on the cliff, but how much room do 2 people need? It's plenty large. We sit out there for awhile everyday and chill and one night we'll have dinner on our balcony. Have a wonderful time.

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    We just returned from CSS two days ago. We stayed in the beachfront suites (B-36). It's on the 3rd floor on the corner. Great room except for the giant tree blocking most of the view from our balcony. Didn't matter to us, but that type of obstruction may be a negative for you. You never know which of the rooms you'll get of the 72 beachfront suites available.
    Take what you get and enjoy every minute of your time there.
    Mike & Martha

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